The Tourist in “Ngejuk Kucit”

If you don’t know what is “Ngejuk

Kucit”, “Ngejuk Kucit” is Balinese for Piggy Catch. The Kuta Carnival was lively by this show. The participant very love this funny and challenging contest, and so with the visitor of Kuta Beach.

The committee of the contest said that the tourists are waiting for this contest/show, they are very enthusiastic. This unique competition is divided into two categories, namely men and women. Total participants of the competition a total of 6 men and 5 women who all come from Australia.

They will compete four children pig tails off in the arena. Arena, which is surrounded by cloth the size of 15 x 15 meters into the pigs are not required to exit the arena. The participants were all men with power efforts to pursue the pigs. Even a number of participants should be willing falling awake during the chase pigs.

Perhaps because of fear, the pigs is run anywhere and trying to flee. However, in a time not so long that all pigs can be caught by the men who average a hefty.

Different things happen in the women’s competition, the pigs are silent and would not flee. Maybe pigs are ashamed and fell in love.


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