guitar Craft in Guwang Sell Products Through Internet

Guwang, when the financial crisis engulf

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the country in various parts of the world, a guitar craftsman in the village of Guwang, Gianyar Bali, can still survive run the wheel business. In many craft during the fall, the guitar crafters Wayan Tuges still flooded by guitar carving orders from overseas.

guitar craft Center Wayan Tuges is located in the village of Guwang, Subdistrict Stanger, Gianyar regency. Crafts, which is quite rare start Wayan Tuges place since 4 years ago.

The process of the guitar carving is not much different from making the guitar in general. Starting from the selection of guitar that uses some imported woods such as wood Cedar, Spruce, Tasmanian black wood, and rose wood.

Wood is dried for 3 months and this was Becoming

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a few components of a guitar. The monastery several components into a guitar.

The process of the guitar carving is the process of engraving parts of the guitar done some fortune-carving experience.

To chase this guitar needed careful not to damage the wood, considering the part that has carved a thickness of only about 2 meters millimeter more.

Motif carvings, which are used in a normal guitar carving this, among other motive Celtic, ancient roman, puppet placenta, animals, and various other motifs of traditional Bali.

“The guitar sculpture takes up to 1 month or more. The more difficult motives, the process is long, “said Tuges.

After carved, the next process is the process of finishing the installation, such as guitar strings and harmonize the tone guitar. Total time needed to make a guitar carving reached 6 months or half a year.

Guitar carving made Wayan Tuges claimed this exclusive because there are not the same one another and produced limited to only 20 pieces per month.

Because of an exclusive nature, I wonder if the price is relatively expensive, namely between Rp 5 million to Rp 40 million rupiah per guitar. About $500 and $4000 in USD.

In order to survive in the global financial crisis now, Wayan begin implementing various strategies to lower the selling price to expand sales in the market through the Internet.

“Now I often sell my guitar carving through the auction site E-Bay. Thank god through this way of marketing, my guitar is still a lot of consumers purchased overseas, “said Tuges.

Although the price of the guitar carving ‘made in’ Wayan Tuges relatively expensive and the world are in crisis conditions, marketing strategies applied Wayan proven effective. Wayan guitar carving made permanent flood of orders from abroad such as Canada, Great Britain, the United States and some European countries


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