Many tourists, Security Tight

Gilimanuk, domestic tourist flows (Wisdom) through the Port Gilimanuk is starting. This is evidenced by the coming of hundreds of private vehicles, most of which car number is outside Bali.

Despite the advent of Wisdom, a security officer on duty at the entrance of West

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Bali is still tight checking with each new vehicle alight from the ship.

The ports sentinel at Gilimanuk, Friday (26/12) is seen as the vehicle alight and bustle of the ship, visible to the queue of vehicles not so long when entering the checkpoint entrance Bali. This does not disrupt the flow of incoming vehicles at Gilimanuk.

Based on data obtained at the Postal Inspection Vehicle, since the morning until the afternoon recorded approximately 250 private vehicles entering Gilimanuk continue to travel to some areas in Bali.

In addition, security officers from the KP3 Gilimanuk and Polres Jembrana appear quite strict check each vehicle, four wheels good, two wheels, or AKAP bus that just down from the ship. Almost all of the following items inside the vehicle opened directly officer witnessed the driver or rider. This is done to anticipate any dangerous objects or illegal entry and property without documents.


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