Nyepi – day of silent

Tomorrow will be 26th March

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(I use +7 GMT). So what it is about tomorrow? Well, tomorrow is Nyepi day. ‘Nyepi’ is come from word ‘sepi’. It’s Indonesian language for silent. Nyepi is the new year for Hindu in Bali.

One day before nyepi is called pengrupukan, this day we usually create ogoh-ogoh. It’s like a statue of evil but its more light in weight, and we burn it after we show it to public. But some tourist sometime want to buy it because it really looks good. Yes, we create the the ogoh-ogoh with every detail. But, due to Indonesian election, the goverment forbid to create ogoh-ogoh for this year.

Back to Nyepi,

there are 4 rule that people should obey.

  1. Amati geni : No fire or light.
  2. Amati karya : no lexapro dosage work.
  3. Amati lelunganan : No travelling
  4. Amati lelanguan : Fasting

Because of rule 1, you may mot light fire, you will not be able to cook (In traditional view). So you have lexapro makes me sleepy to lexapro with vitamins hold your hungry for 24 hours. You also cannot to light a lamp or anything that produce light. So when it’s night, Bali will totallly looks like dead island because of dark.

You may not work. You also may not go out of your yard/house. So it will coming off lexapro side effects be no vehicles when Nyepi. It’s so quiet, totally quiet. And also, there will be no one at airport. Which mean the airport will be unavailable.

In these day, not all people can obey all the rules. But people definitely not go out of their yard/house, not working (of course), and http://canadianpharmacy2treated.com/ there will be no noisy sound. One sound that I heard in my last nyepi is bird twittering (my house in Bali is near a ricefield).


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