Kebo Iwa, a Balinese story

Long time ago, there are a husband and wife who live in Bali. They are very rich, but they don’t have child. One day, they go pray to pura. They prey so God will give them a child.

As time go on, the wife pregnant. They are very happy. After 9 months, they child was born. It’s a baby boy.

But, this is not ordinary baby boy. The baby boy even eat adult food. He is very greedy. Every day, he eats more and more. The baby boy grown up become an adult. He is very big and tall, and that’s why people called him Kebo Iwa, which mean uncle buffalo (Kebo = buffalo).

Kebo Iwa eats more and more until his parent’s wealthy used up. The parent can’t afford anymore Kebo Iwa’s food.

The parent then ask villagers for help. Since that time, Kebo Iwa’s food supplied by villagers. Villagers even build a very big house for Kebo Iwa. Villagers cook a lot of food for Kebo Iwa. But, as time go on, villagers cannot cook anymore for Kebo Iwa, then they ask Kebo Iwa to cook by himself. Villagers only preprare the ingredients.

Kebo Iwa is very big, his footstep is so long which make him able to walk fast. If he wants to drink, he just need to stick his finger to ground. It will make a tiny well.

Because of Kebo Iwa’s power. He able to hold Majapahit troops which want to conguer Bali. The king of Majapahit then set up a trick. He invites Kebo Iwa to Majapahit. He then ask Kebo Iwa to make some well because Majapahit is running out of water.

Kebo Iwa agree without any suspicious, He dig a lot of deep well. Really a hard work, because he has to dig deeply. When Kebo Iwa was working on deep. The king of Majapahit then command to heap Kebo Iwa with rocks. Kebo Iwa can’t breath and died. Because Kebo Iwa death, Bali was able to conguer by Majapahit.


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