Kintamani and Trunyan, beautiful places in Bali


In a mountainous area about 40 kilometers from Denpasar city there is a crater lake of Mount Batur with a deep and natural hot springs that exist in Toyabungkah Kintamani. The cool mountain air with views over the whole course, as beautiful with the existence of several important temples, which have been made Kintamani become one of the places that never forgotten in Bali tourist agenda.

Mount Batur is one of a small volcano, but the location was in the midst of a large crater 14 km in diameter. In addition, Mount Batur adjacent to the crescent-shaped Batur Lake which is surrounded by high walls of the crater edge. Steepness crater size will make you imagine the gigantic eruption of

Mount Batur which happened ten thousand years ago.

Trunyan Village

Trunyan, is one of the Old Village, often called Bali Aga or Bali Mula. Trunyan villagers still hold very strong tradition, especially the tradition of burial. Burial in Trunyanese not conducted as

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is appropriate in other areas of society to bury.

here corpses wrapped in the shroud selajutnya just

put on the ground surrounded by a “shelf-food” woven from bamboo which is formed in such a way, then anchored around the corpse. This is a unique, although the bodies are not planted in soil, but does not remove the smell a bit. People believe, that the smell of corpses was neutralized by taru tree that grew up eating at an area cemetery Trunyan Village.

According to the story of society, the body of ancient times did not deliberately planted to block the smell of incense taru tree which allegedly spread to Java. Because the king who ruled at that time feared Trunyanese region were attacked because of the scent of incense taru tree, so he took the initiative to neutralize the smell was too sweet with not bury people who died. Finally, until now the tradition is still firmly held by the public.


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