Pandan war tradition in Tenganan village, Bali

Pandan war tradition or often called mekare-kare in the village of Tenganan done by the youth by wearing costumes / custom cloth Tenganan, bare-chested, armed with a bundle of thorny pandan leaves and a shield to protect themselves. This tradition celebrate every year around June, usually held for two days.
Pandanus war begins with a ritual ceremony surrounding villages to beg for salvation, then the war started and then closed pandanus prayers at local temples and organized a Rejang dance.

Pandan War
Bali until now remained to preserve the ancient attraction  which serve contrast scenery. One of them is displays the thrilling attractions to the visitors. Each male partner equipped with wicker shields and armed thorny pandan leaf sheaf collided injuring his opponent’s quickness to each other.

Pandan thorns embedded in the body or flesh tear followed  by fresh blood stream was a risk for fighter who did not agile in rebut. However, from the attractions, visitors were also treated to contrast scene. Actually, action of hurt each other is done while developing cheerful smile.

In fact, not a few couples held each other directly without using a shield and injure each other. Attraction of  hurt each other with cheerful smiling face is known named Pandan war.

In Bali, the war pandan Tenganan community is unique attractions in the District of Manggis, Karangasem regency, east end of Island of the Gods. The distance of this community about 70 kilometers from the city of Denpasar or approximately takes 70 minutes by automobile.

Tenganan society, as the heirs of the ancient tradition, for long

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time has been always loyal to perform Pandan war. Tradition is usually held around mid-June.

Thousands of visitors come to this Bali Aga village. They come from various villages in Bali, Java and other regions. Also, not a few of them are foreign tourists from Europe, Japan, Taiwan and other countries. Because it is a characteristic of Tenganan village, the execution was only in the region. Exactly in Tenganan Pegringsingan (TP) and Tenganan Dauh Tukad (TDT), two traditional village that only limited by river grooves. But, Pandan war in the Tenganan Dauh Tukad since last year had to be canceled because the village is destroyed by a devastating earthquake on January 2, 2004, until now has not fully recovered.

Pandan War
Indeed, Tenganan Pegringsingan and Tenganan Dauh Tukad is a division of the same village, Desa Adat Tenganan (Tenganan Traditional Village).

Bali Aga is a general term for village residents as well as the original inhabitants of Bali. As already mentioned, the Bali Aga village of Tenganan include Tenganan Pegringsingan and Tenganan Dauh Tukad.

In Bali, leaving at least two areas of the township was still known as the Bali Aga. One other is a Bali Aga village in Bangli District Terunyan. Terunyan included in the district of Kintamani, precisely located at the eastern edge of Lake Batur, or the western foot of Mount Abang. What is distinctiveness Terunyan Bali Aga and Tenganan Bali Aga? Residents Terunyan and Tenganan, like the majority of citizens of

other Bali is Hindu. The difference, Bali Aga knows no caste in the strata of the society life and knows no tradition of cremation. Bali Aga community also recognizes only as a direct descendant of the Indians, not the derivative of Majapahit (Java, 1294-1478) who conquered Bali on XIV century.

In addition, both the Bali Aga village still keep their respective peculiarities. For example in Terunyan, the corpses are not buried. Any citizen who died, the body was just covered with white cloth. Furthermore surround by a wall with serving rack (set of woven bamboo) and then put under the tree incense.

While the Bali Aga Tenganan still with the special peculiarities, one of them is that pandanwar . Another uniqueness of this series of ceremonial and religious. For example is a ceremony called medaha (puberty ceremony for girls growing up) or a cadet for the teens. There is another series of religious ceremonies called saseh kasa, saseh karo, saseh ketiga, and saseh kapat.

Still in Tenganan, part of a building or fence neighborhood home persist with ancient construction, ie brick. However, unlike the generally brick, brick building materials in the manufacture process Tenganan not through combustion. Installation without adhesive cement. Adhesive is a land of mud brick material itself. Installation process is also not in unison. At least through three stages or need a time delay of about nine days for the next installation.

Back to the attraction of Pandan  war presenting contrasting views. Pandan war in Tenganan second to none, in Bali or elsewhere. This attraction is one of the peculiarities of this village and should be maintained and conserved. Pandan war attractions that will not end up with a position of victory or defeat for the players. This attraction is part of the ritual worship of the god Indra Tenganan community. The gods of war are honored with the blood so that attraction pandan war conducted without a sense of revenge, or even with a cheerful smile, even if it means hurting one another with pandan thorns.

The cult of the god Indra is also apparently has unique story, at least in the Tenganan. Referring the myths. In the past, Tenganan and the area surround it believed to be under the authority of a king of the unjust and cruel and despotic authoritarian. The king is named Maya Denawa, according to its story, he even making himself as God and prohibits the Balinese perform religious rituals. Watching the behavior of Maya Denawa increasingly cruel and ruthless, the wrath of the gods in heaven, who subsequently sent the god Indra with the special task to lead the battle against the Maya Denawa. Through heavy fighting, Maya Denawa can be disabled and the god Indra then appear as his successor.

Meanwhile, another source describes, Tenganan believed to derive from King Bedahulu era, long before the Majapahit conquered Bali in XIV century. Balinese village, according to historical records ever hit a great fire in 1841. Along with homes and other property, the fire also destroyed regulation document or rule of tradition. The new regulation who became a guide to the present indigenous community is a new document worked by the elders of the ancestral Tenganan, 1842. The preparation of this new regulation is performed by the elders after they obtained the blessing of the King and the King of Karangasem Klungkung that time.


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