Bali to be example of Rabies prevention

World Society

for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) aims to make Bali as an example in efforts to prevent rabies in the world. In order to achieve this goal together WSPA Bali provincial government is planning for the vaccination of approximately 70 percent of the dog population on Bali.

The plan stated in rabies prevention cooperation agreement between the provincial government of Bali and WSPA are signed by the Governor of Bali.

WSPA Campaign Manager, Vinod Ravindranatha, on Renon (21 / 9) said to  make Bali as an example for realizing the prevention of rabies around the world, has agreed to conduct mass vaccination during the six months ahead of about 400,000 dogs in Bali.

Vinod hope with the holding of mass vaccination programs, the target of Bali free of rabies in 2012 quickly achieved.

Vinod confirmed rabies control efforts in Bali to be more effective because the traffic control of animal trade in Bali was quite intense.

“This place is very difficult for people to bring animals into and out, through this we hope this will become a model worldwide,” said Vinod Ravindranatha.

WSPA Campaign Manager Vinod Ravindranatha adding Besides providing vaccination in dogs WSPA also provides the training and equipment assistance to the Bali provincial government.

Previously Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika recognize the main constraints due to prevention of rabies in Bali in Bali dog population is high enough to reach 500,000 heads. Where almost half live in the wild.


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