Agriculture and Tourism in Bali: Friend or Foe?

Thinking about Bali’s tourism and agriculture is sometimes very confusing between the pros and cons. Phenomenon proves many negative impacts of tourism on agriculture, one of which land conversion.

One time I talked with a farmer in the town, he said in Balinese language “tiang ngadep tanah niki ulian hasil petanine sing meaji lan subak sampun ten mefungsi” which means, agricultural products there is no bargaining position and function of irrigation is also difficult, so they could not support his family from the farm. Then, tourism with a large land price bid devastating their hearts to not sell their land, ironic indeed. But tourism can not be denied also contribute to the progress of Bali, some agricultural products that have been absorbed though not yet 50% of Bali products. Bali is also changing people’s lives from tourism.

From the phenomenon of agriculture and tourism can not walk alone alias mutual each other, there must be a clear synergistic to build Bali. In accordance with the concept Founding Father unify the diversity of this republic for the sake of the livelihoods of the country. In a narrow sense to unite for the sake of the livelihoods of agriculture and tourism of Bali. Pride of tourism who want to wipe out profits by any way means should scorch the earth, they see themselves should be concerned agriculture. Likewise, agriculture is not too excessive tourism must blasphemes.

There are several solutions that could be considered, which is: absorb and prioritize local products for tourism. This absolutely must be done, the problem of quality, and continuity desired by tourism, can be done by educating farmers, if only tourism can guarantee in terms of tourism marketing.

Tourism is very glamorous and reap huge profits from Bali, it was time to contribute especially for agriculture. Concrete business such as child custody assisting farmers to produce the desired product of tourism, so that the desired product can be met and the organizers of tourism can be accommodated.

There are thousands of organizers in Bali tourism (hotels, restaurants, villas, etc.) if only they could assist farmers, it will be able to change Bali and welfare public. Holders of power must be firm to manage it (yes already much talked about, just need to continue so as not to forget), for example restrict imports of products coming to Bali.

Finally, tourism is already making a wealth of Bali, should always remember to agricultural sustainability of Bali, do not just want to win themselves and do not create some of Bali’s population becomes increasingly impoverished human beings,  “eling ring kawitan” or in English remember this Place (Bali). Let

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us discuss and hopefully find the perfect solution for the future of Bali.


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