Bedugul Geothermal: Bali’s Gate Destruction

In the midst of weather problems that are global problems faced by every country in the world today. Had we as a human being aware of all the things we have done to this universe.

Exploitation on a large scale we’re doing to the environment will eventually lead nature to be increasingly eroded and damaged. Bali that said adopts Tri Hita Karana viewed from the perspective of Hinduism, much discussed and talked in a television show or to be a topic in a speech.

But, the very difficult to be implemented are its application in everyday life. Parhyangan, Pawongan, and Palemahan is the basic content of the Tri Hita Karana.

Related to those three things, said Palemahan teaches humans to maintain balance with the universe (environment) where people were born, looking for life, and even dies.

If nature were not friendly, disasters happen everywhere and the climate of uncertainty is a sign given by nature for human re-preservation.

Geothermal projects located in Bedugul area, have very clearly will affect the forests and lakes located in the vicinity. This will cause the ecosystem located in Bedugul and the surrounding region to be disrupted.

After the natural damaged by heat generated from the pitsof geothermal project, what would we be proud again of tourism Bali?!.

Bali Geothermal Projects

What Bali will be when Geothermal Projects happen

All will perish just like that, agricultural land becomes barren, water supply from the headwaters to

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shrink, and cold areas are decorated by green trees will be destroyed if the project continued.

Year 2005 through the Regional Representatives Council decision No. 7 which was passed Bali dated 8 September 2005 decided “rejection of geothermal power development in Bedugul.”

I do not

know what the cause, parliament and academia Bali again insisted to review and discuss this project. Projects undertaken through cooperation between Pertamina Geothermal Energy by PT Bali Energy Limited, has a dig 3 wells.

After getting the rejection of the Balinese people and residents around the project area of exploration activity finally stopped. The reason for running this project is solely to increase the electrical power in Bali, because all this time Bali still the dependence on electric power imported from Java.

My question, if later in the presence of PLTP (Geothermal Power Plant) in Bali will lower the price of electricity tariffs or residents would get free electricity?!.

I think not possible, because when natural resources were handed over to the company, which has the monopoly right is his company. If citizens can not afford the electricity, it still will not get electricity. The poor will remain poor, especially coupled with a place to seek livelihoods become damaged by heat generated from the project dug wells.

Is there a better alternative solution more than the government for this?. If the springs disappear, then Bali region North to the South region will also have hard water or even drought.

DPRD Bali softening of attitude

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makes people become worried. Hopefully, the money does not cover their clear mind. Let’s move the attitude to preserve the protected forest area in Bali from the dirty hands of irresponsible and indifferent to the nature which is a heritage that should be maintained.


3 thoughts on “Bedugul Geothermal: Bali’s Gate Destruction

  1. Yuyun

    I apologize for you. To be sure there is no such thing as zero impact to the environment and some sacrfices will be necessary but in the balance is your position to continue to rely on generating electricity from poorly managed, poorly maintained, coal fired and diesel generators from Java, Sinaraja, Gilimanuk and several other very negatively impacting environmental power stations. Aithough geothermal power will require environmentally sensitive professional development it is significantly lesser impact on the environment. Bali is in a unique position to provide the World responsible leadership in promoting responsible choices. How that manifests to the Balinese People and Culture will require collaboration. The choice is obvious.

  2. Gerald

    Dear moderator,

    I am afraid, your concern are too far out and may not have enough supporting materials to justify the implication and natural impact caused.

    I hope your statement below is supported with proper technical information and knowledge not only because of some photos and stories. “All will perish just like that, agricultural land becomes barren, water supply from the headwaters to shrink, and cold areas are decorated by green trees will be destroyed if the project continued.”

    Many projects are failed to technically perform because of political and financial interuption in the middle of construction, particularly in this country. Technical decision is firm whether balck or white (hardly in between), but these political and financial interference can easily drive you to whatever color you want to.

    Simple arguments (to avoid too much technical comments that not everybody are familiar with), Geothermal power station is popular in Europe, in the middle of sub tropical forest, Hawaii etc, and I believe they have more concern about enviromental issues than most of us in here. Do we need to reinvent the wheels?

    On the picture you attached, you see that smokey vapor? can you tell me what is temperature of that smokey about? and what is the ambient temperature in that area when the picture is taken?

    You are complaining for the local academia attitude who are willing to review the feasibility of this project. It is because they know more what it is than anybody who just know a skin layer of it.

    The viability of the Geothermal technology is provided in many choices. It is choices with consequences, similar with shoping for cars, you will get quality for the price. How much do you know the what technology of power plants they are going to put up there? Is it a junk obselete technology or a environmental friendly technology? of course investment value come along in proportional percentage with it.

    A polemics with growing public opinions occurred because of a tea break-time conversation among housewives has recently widespread evolved.

    I would suggest to call for a proper presentation (public enlightment)which will lead not only to appropriate information but also education for children and young people. so they will get used and be trained to evaluate every information properly before stand for their votse rather than just pick up mis leading information (cultural issue).

    During this presentation (formal technical academic and social delegation) whoever call them as experts may come to speak and deliver their ponts RATIONALLY and Legitimately proven disregards the age superiority, formal position, ranks etc but must be Logically and rasionally accepted; can’t be just because of illusions. But the members must be a group of relevant people, not just from theoritical experience but also practical.

    I am very sure there is not down side (very2 minimum) of Geothermal exploration, but of course depend on how much money are you going to spend. Do not judge the technology because it can only balck or white, judge the applicator because they bring the color on.

    best regards,
    have a nice weekend.

    1. Bali Homeland Post author

      Dear Gerald,

      Thank you very much for your respond.

      Yes, this post may be subjective. I cannot provide some technical information as I am not from Energy Major. But, I, maybe also other people are worried if the project. Because as you said, project failed to technically perform because of political and financial interuption in the middle of construction. That is what usually happen in this country. And once the project failed, there are no way to rollback the nature state to default condition. That way, hopefully there are another alternative location.


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