Bukit Sari temple in Sangeh

Pura Bukit Sari was in the middle of the Village Sangeh nutmeg forest, northern Badung. The area of this temple is one of the attractions that tempt. Just imagine a quiet temple that looks like a castle guarded by hundreds troops of apes.

According to the story, Pura Bukit Sari Anglurah built by Anak Agung Made Karang Asem Sakti, the adopted son of King Mengwi at the time, Cokorda Sakti Blambangan. Since the young Anak Agung Made Karang Asem Anglurah fond undergo spiritual behavior. One night, while serving his hermitage, he received pawisik (inspiration) to establish temples

in the middle of the forest area Sangeh nutmeg.

About the nutmeg trees in Sangeh, there is also an interesting story. According to myth, nutmeg trees coming from the region of Mount Agung in the east of

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at midnight was seen by someone. As a result, magical journey was halted. The trees are then settled there and developed into a forest Sangeh today.

That said Sangeh derived from two words: the meaning people and “ngeh” means see or be interpreted as being seen.

Bukit Sari temple in Sangeh

Bukit Sari temple in Sangeh

Today, Sangeh forest is inhabited by hundreds of gray monkeys with long tail. Its population is currently around 700. Monkey herd was divided into three groups: western, central, and east. Each group was led by a male monkey as its king.

The monkeys in the region are quite tame. They rarely get food in a way to snatch from visitors. However, do not try to make the monkey angry. Moreover, get the monkey king angry. He will call his men together to attack you. This happened on a soap opera director who was accidentally kicked the monkey king, who seized papaya, one of the scenes property. The monkey king is angry. Soon all of his men, including a baby came and grinned at the soap opera director. Fortunately, a handler immediately comes to intervene.

It is not difficult to reach this unique natural attraction. From Kuta is about 45 miles away. Facilities way towards there pretty good, so that you can reach by taxi or private vehicle. Ticket price is IDR 6.000 per person.


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