Cheap lodging options in Ubud Bali

Outside Kuta, Ubud became the area that is also quite popular for travelers. Both have unique and distinct charm. With Kuta on the beach area that offer sea views, Ubud offers cultural and natural. Tourist characters are different in these two regions. Kuta more as a general purpose, while the Ubud tourist destination with a special interest. Serenity, natural beauty, and life are art that thick of driving tourists to enjoy the different atmosphere of Bali. In terms of popularity, it is more popular Kuta tourist proven many travelers stay in this area, and seen with many lodging here. Poppies lane area is known as a backpacker tourist bag, so lodging is cheap, very easy to find here.

Ubud Hotel and Villa in the average form of luxury hotels and villas, as shown in the image of The Viceroy Ubud above. Paired with nature makes the hotel / villa in this area more like a work of art, no longer just a place to stay. Some works of art as seen on page Hotel & Villas. Although not as much in Kuta, Ubud was also offers cheap accommodation like in Kuta. Here are some of them:

Agung Cottages
Jl. Gautama 18 Ubud, 0361-975414
Rate: IDR 150 (fan), 15 room
Facility: Breakfast, souvenir shop, laundry

Chandra Asri Bungalows

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Raya Hanuman Padangtegal, 0361-970517
Rate: IDR 150 (AC), IDR 100(fan), 10 room
Facility: Near rice field, laundry, Ubud tour

Dana Sari Accommodation
Jl. Raya Hanuman 43, 0361-970539
Rate: IDR 150 (AC), 5 cottage
Facility: Laundry, tour

Family Guest Accommodation
Banjar Tebesaya 39, 0361 974054,
Rate: IDR 150 (std AC), 15 room
Facility: Breakfast, library, laundry

Frog Pond Inn
Jl. Monkey Forest 0361 970757
IDR 150 (AC), 10 room
Hot water, laundry, transportation rent

Ganesha Inn
Banjar Tebesaya 39, 0361 970545
IDR 150 (std AC), 10 room
Access to rice field, transportation rent, laundry

Hibiscus Cottages
Jl. Bisma Ubud 0361 970475
IDR 150 (AC), IDR 100(fan), 10 room
Rice field views, hot water, souvenir shop

Ina Inn Bungalows
Jl. Bisma Ubud 0361 97093.
USD 17 Std, $20 lantai bawah, $25 lantai atas
Breakfast, room service, water pool, hot water, spa

Jagi Bungalows
Jl. Panestanan Kaja, 0361 979103
IDR 150 (AC), IDR 100(fan), 6 room
transportation rent, laundry, massage

Junjungan Bali Hotel And Spa
Junjungan Ubud Jl.Tirta Tawar km.3,5 Br. Junjungan
IDR 280 via Agoda, 17 room
Pool, room services, spa, airport transfer, restaurant

Kajeng Bungalows
Jl. Kajeng 28, 0361 975018
IDR 150 (AC), 25 room
water pool, hot water

Khrisna Guest House
Jl. Jembawan 0361 975646
IDR 150 (AC), 10 bungalows
transportation rent, laundry, massage

Kunang-Kunang Guest House
Jl Raya Hanuman Padangtegal, 0361 976052.
IDR 150 (AC), IDR 100(fan), 6 room
Rice field views

Nick’s Homestay
Jl. Wenara Wana/Jl. Kresna
IDR 150

Puri Wisnu Bungalows
Jl. Monkey Forest 0361 973352,
IDR 150 (AC), 15 room
Hot water, laundry, transportation rent, salon

Rakai & Rai Bungalows
Jl. Monkey Forest 0361 975486,
IDR 150 (AC), IDR 100(fan), 10 room
Breakfast, hot water, laundry

Rice Paddy Bungalows
Jl. Monkey Forest 085237125196
IDR 150 (AC), 5 room
Transportation rent, laundry, massage

Rojas Homestay
Jl. Kajeng 1 Ubud, 0361 972331, dekat Puri Ubud
IDR 150 (fan), 12 room
Breakfast, transportation rent, laundry

Sahadewa Resort
Jl. Hanoman, Ubud, Bali
IDR 350 via Agoda, 10 room
Breakfast free, Pool, room services, spa, airport transfer, restaurant, shuttle-bus

Shanti Homestay
Jl Kajeng Ubud, 0361 975421
IDR 150 (fan), 10 room
Breakfast, laundry, massage

Shantra Putra
Jl. Campuhan Panestanan, 0361 977810, dekat Museum Antonio Blanco
IDR 150 (AC), 7 cottage
Art gallery, laundry, massage

Taman Arum Cottages
Jl. Raya Mas, Ubud-Gianyar
IDR 355 (via Agoda), 17 room
Rice field views, Water pool, hot water, Wi-Fi, Airport Transfer

Wenara Bali Bungalows
Jl. Monkey Forest 0361 977384
IDR 150 (AC), IDR 100(fan), 20 room
Breakfast, souvenir shop, laundry

Well, to enjoy the exoticism and beauty of Ubud, you will not have to stay at the hotel or luxury villas. Although the number of villas or luxury hotel dominates its existence, but it also provides quite a lot of Ubud cheap lodging.


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