Holiday in Bali is not always expensive

When we hear the word ‘holiday to Bali’, the first impression that usually we get is expensive and takes a lot of money. Bali does offer a lot of hotel & luxury villas with cheap price. Bali restaurant & cafe also offers a premium but there is also a cheap diner. Price of airline tickets to Bali are relatively expensive but often offer promo tickets. Not always a holiday must deplete savings. That is, you do not have to spend lots of money for a holiday if prepared carefully. Well, maybe these simple tips can help to plan your vacation to Bali.

Plan your vacation early

Unlike foreigners, usually people of Indonesia rather not used to plan vacations in advance. And if you do, you will likely get cheaper tickets, hotel rooms and obtain cheaper options as desired.

Bali holiday views

Holiday in Bali

Avoid high season especially peak season

Choosing a vacation time will affect your holiday spending. Choose a time that is estimated to Bali was not too crowded. High season usually ranges from June to August, peak season, late December – early January, and also during the school holidays and long weekends. You will be more difficult and price is more expensive at a time like that. Ticket prices will be expensive and would be more difficult to find hotel rooms. In places tourism places also are will be denser. Of course, this tip is only suitable for you who are not too time-bound.

Looking for cheap airline tickets

At the moment quiet airline passengers normally will sell tickets cheaper than normal price. Cheap tickets can be obtained from the promo airlines for flights far in front. Were frequently visited websites airlines such as Air Asia, Mandala who diligently held promos, and even free tickets. But remember, if you buy a ticket this class you are not free to change the flight schedule. Try to schedule your vacation for sure.

Reserve a hotel room online or buy vouchers

Usually the price of hotel rooms online or voucher is cheaper than if you come suddenly (walk-ins) to the hotel. On-line booking in advance is also likely to get a cheap room rates. Remember, hotel rates are usually differentiated between domestic and foreign guests. My advice, buy an online course or buy a voucher via travels. It’s just that usually travel agent sells only star-rated hotels 1 to 5. For cheap hotels and inns outside of it, you should contact directly either via telephone or email. Cheap lodging is also widely available in Poppies Lane 1 & 2. I also have been posted about cheap Bali hotels. There are also many cheap guesthouses widely available in the area of Seminyak, Legian. But the place is a little bit alleys. For a holiday with family, consider renting villas, this is because not all villas fare are expensive.

Choose hotels in the area the majority of activities

To save on transportation costs select hotels around the majority of your activities. If your holiday activities many around Ubud, choose hotels and inns in the area of Ubud. If the activity is spread advised to stay in Kuta or Legian, this will facilitate access to anywhere besides looking pretty close to the airport.

Daily car rental to transport

Apart from taxis, there was not enough public transport available in Bali. With a daily itinerary that good, you’ll save time as well as more cost-effective transportation, for example by renting a car for some people. Many offer rental cars from only 5 hours, until a full day. For you who do not want to be bothered to find a way (in Bali is relatively narrow path), you should be hiring a car driver and fuel.

Bring clothes according to season and your events

It’s important to do so you no longer need to buy clothes used during the holidays, yes except for souvenirs or indeed if you want to shop. In general the weather in Bali is hot enough, so bring clothes made from cool and comfortable. Clothing that brought customize to your holiday event. Do not forget to bring your favorite footwear, because you’ll likely enjoy walking in some locations. However, do not bring too much baggage supplies because there is a limit you are allowed to bring onto the plane. Is won’t be good when you get a cheap ticket, but you have to pay expensive excess baggage.

Control your budget

If you include people who are hungry eyes, control your budget. If not, you will be tempted to buy goods outside the plan. However Bali also offers shops with merchandise from the seductive eye. Souvenir markets are often found in

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Bali, here expertise in bidding must be used. Do not hesitate to bid lower first, usually they will not be angry.

Well, if you want a holiday to Bali why not planned from now? Enjoy Bali.


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