Padang-padang beach

Information about the padang-padang beach has not been too much supply. This beach is not so crowded like other beaches. The entrance leading to the beach is a bit different, because you have to go through a kind of overdraft coral gate. After a few steps down the stairs,

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you will be amazed by the scene unfold in front of the eye. White sand beach and shallow crystal

clear water will make you not wait to swim. Slightly out to sea, high waves crashing very good for surfing. Because of the beauty of the beach, not surprising that the band Michael Learns to Rock could make it one of the locations where they make their video clips. The latest artists who utilize the beauty of the padang-padang beach as shooting place is the artist Julia Roberts in the movie eat pray and love that will be appear in the year 2010.

Padang-padang beach

Now, the beach is often used as a place of surf race. From this beach, there is a scene of Dreamland beach which the entrance is through Bali Pecatu Graha complex.

From Kuta head to south toward GWK and Uluwatu.


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