Prevention of Global Warming Seen From the Perspective of Information Technology

Global Warming, the more we feel the effects together. In Bali, the green line just enough, warmer temperatures are felt much less in other areas of the green line does not receive serious attention from local online viagra authorities. It was not separated from the concept of tri hita karana is always taught by the elders, our elders. Now is not the time for us to argue and blame each other, because global warming is not just a mere issue again.

There are many ways we can do to help reduce global warming which is happening right now. Prior to the Mayan prophecy where exactly on December 21, 2012 was a period “End Of Times” happen. It is true we must realize, regardless of confidence or no to these forecasts, but its impact is increasingly felt at this time. Hot sun is no longer like the old normal. But feels extremely sore skin. Then the dry season such as this, sometimes heavy rain fell abruptly with uncertainty.

Viewed from the side of IT, IT’s role is now increasingly assist human life and can no longer be separated from human life order levitra in the world. I take an example, such technology most widely used in Indonesia today is the mobile phone. It seems that all societies are now using it for purposes related to the day, as well as the existence of the internet that can help a person to interact without being limited space and time. But with the technology, it’s time we all act. By way of changing bad habits you begin today. What are some common bad habits that you do, for instance charge process Cellphone is too excessive. That alone could trigger global warming, because it is not efficient in using energy.

Another thing we can do, to reduce global warming from the technology include:

  1. Turning off unused canadian pharmacy lights again. Good when you’re sleeping or you’re traveling out of the house for a not for long. (Example: dinner time outside).
  2. Besides Cellphone, the laptop you also need to in-charge. But I suggest, to gauge approximately how many hours of your laptop battery laptop is full. Do not know-charge and then go unpunished. In other words when to remember, at that cialis + viagra time was removed (Ingetang to fine).
  3. Avoid standby position on your electronic equipment. The most common example is a PC Computer, UPS, or transformer.
  4. Reduce use of paper. Do not know why the paper could make global warming?. Gini, he says to make 1 kg of paper takes about 3 kg of wood. Only one third of the felled trees are so paper. If you’ve a lot of trees cut down, ya ga no longer greening (sampun Uning right). I recommend the students (in particular), use the email on the internet to interact with a boyfriend or relatives in the village Sodara. Do not be shy to learn to chat or just send an email.
  5. Use of office software to create internal reports, and print the report when it is necessary for the interests with outside parties.
  6. In the field of banking, start learning to use e-banking. This is feasible because, lots of small children who still kindergarten wrote already in carrying Celphone now.
  7. Go rechargeable batteries, using equipment with rechargeable batteries to reduce the amount of garbage on this earth.
  8. Lower the temperature of the air conditioner. Given current computer rooms in schools that pretty much could have installed air conditioning. Avoid using the maximum temperature.

This is what requires the information technology field viagra vs cialis vs levitra side effects to think hard to create an environmentally friendly technology. Environmentally friendly technologies are not simply measured by the level of exhaust emissions produced, but also much needed wean off lexapro energy consumption in buy viagra online an industrial process, because energy is generally cialis generic also found in nature in the form of minerals and non-energy minerals.

For example, the computer company IBM to make green project data center to help reduce global warming. This is done to reduce energy consumption and at the same order viagra time, reduce maintenance costs and IT space in data centers because many companies are piling up the server, giving rise to excessive heat. Where to overcome this problem the company turned on the AC in a non-stop even increase the number of fans into the data center. To provide networking and components in the data center, IBM is working with Cisco and Emerson Network Power.


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