Warung Lawar Penatih

Warung Lawar Penatih was founded in 1957 by I Made Pegeg. At first the form is a simple place to buy lawar at an alley that is located not far from the shop that now. Menu of the establishment is Lawar Godel (young cow). Because the delicious and distinctive stall owned by Mr. Pegeg was immediately crowded visitors. Still, the Lawar expert remains understated. He persisted with a simple meal and the price is cheap. But, the simplicity makes it even more Lawar Pak Pegeg (Mr.Pegeg’s Lawar) become famous. The people called Warung Lawar Penatih.

Due to an increasingly old age, slowly lower the skill mix Pegeg seasoning to his daughter Ni Ketut Ribug, and then handed it to her the management.

Warung Lawar Penatih

Warung Lawar Penatih

In 1982, due to various considerations Ni Ketut Ribug move the location of shops a few yards across from the old shop. At these times, selling is also done around to places where tajen (cockfighting chicken) are being held. That lasted until a few years.

Back due to age considerations, Ni Ketut Ribug teaches the cooking skills to his son, I Wayan Nanu. It also handed over the management of the shop to the young man graduated from the Udayana University Faculty of Law. In the hands of Nanu, this shop changing menu of Godel into pigs and ducks. The reason is because the meat Godel increasingly difficult to obtain and the price is getting


In 1996, Nanu, move the location to the location occupied until now. That is Jalan Padma, North Denpasar.

Now a simple resto was turned into a permanent two-story building. That’s where the service open from eight o’clock in the morning until five o’clock. Every day, there are visitor by no less than 150 buyers, the average age of 30 years. Fixed menu so far is: Lawar, satay, ares, fried meat, and Balinese sausage.

According to Nanu, the secret of success Warung Lawar Penatih is his loyalty to maintain a strong sense of seasoning Wangen.

“As an heir, I try to maintain what has been pioneered by his grandfather and my mother,” said Nanu.


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