Peace is in Nembrala Beach

Few people know Nembrala Beach Indonesia. But for fans of surf, Nembrala could be their dream and making it besides surfing paradise of Kuta, Nias and Plengkung. The beach is located on the west side of the southern island of Rote. Very soft white sand with rocks, smooth, sand it that differentiates it from Kuta. The best waves in Nembrala located in Boa but surfers would rather stay in professional essay writers in toronto Nembrala in the absence of lodging at Boa.

Frankly, Nembrala not appear as a tourist destination listed in the Lonely Planet. Even still resemble a traditional village that happens to have a nice cheap essay beach. Community life as it is, has not hung it from tourists who come. They still have the fields, gardens and raising livestock. In general, their houses are still very simple. Not all the streets paved and have lighting. Life is still very natural. The only modern touch is a lot of cell phones owned by residents. Unlike other popular beaches are also visited by many local travelers, in Nembrala only looked a few foreigners, and of course my additional. The beach is very quiet and this makes how calm and peace can be obtained here. My curiosity eventually led to Nembrala Beach.

Unlike Kuta which can reach several minutes so landed at Ngurah Rai airport, Nembrala location is remote and somewhat difficult to reach. Administratively, Nembrala including sub-district of West Rote, Rote Ndao and is located on the island of Rote. Because the location is apart from the island of Timor, so travelers must cross from El Tari Kupang where the airport is located. Tenau Bolok Harbour and is a port to cross to Baa (Rote Ndao capital district) in this Rote island. Quick ship departed from Tenau while the slower ferry docks in Bolok. By using my fast ferry departs from Tenau to Baa. There are 2 fast ferry travel schedule of this Tenau, namely Citra Bahari and Jet Express. There are 2 classes provided by the VIP (IDR 135.000) and economics (IDR 105,000) and travel approximately 2 hours long. With Express Bahari ride my cross to Baa Rote Island.

nembrala beach

nembrala beach

Arriving at Baa, trips must be connected by road. To go Nembrala I use public minibuses called bemo (a kind of public transportation like the picture beside). Baa-Nembrala road is already pretty good. The journey quite smoothly is because despite the way is paved but order essay narrow. Indeed in some parts, before entering the district of West Rote, some parts of the asphalt was peeling so that hamper the pace vehicle. Barriers are treated with a view of the left-right path that offers a very different impression. Among the booming loud music I can enjoy the expanse of pasture with cattle or sheep that are left abandoned. Imagine how the locals live in natures sms tracker android that are not fertile enough. buy a business plan college cheap Occasionally I see women carrying goods to the pole, which is not so prevalent in Indonesia. One-way trip costs USD quoted. 20 000 but for travelers usually they ask for IDR 25,000. Although they are willing to deliver your public transportation to lodging even pick up to return. In addition to custom play loud music, car bodies mounted picture farrago. What are the popular terms can be stuck on public transportation, public transportation that. Just need to smile after reading it.

Get a room at the inn Tirosa, which is similar to the quest house with a tin-roofed building. Each building contains 2 to 3 rooms. I selected lodging directly adjacent to the beach and located in the midst of coconut gardens. The building is simple as well as his room. There are no televisions in the rooms, no bath only shower for the bath, no air-cooled. Mattress foam mattress with bed linen only simple but clean. One interesting thing to me was the hammock (swing) that is placed on the veranda room, rest on a swing in the breeze finally makes me sleepy beach as well. When I stay at Tirosa, only I come from Indonesia, the rest are foreign tourists from various countries. As with most places staying at Nembrala, Tirosa also serves meals 3x a day. This is understandable because only a few places to eat here. Serving food is also fairly simple, such as regular home meals. We usually eat together in 2 large tables provided. That’s when lodging guests can chat with each other.

Population Nembrala (and NTT in general) usually have domesticated livestock. These animals are not grounded but released just in the yard. Usually they defend the house with piles of rocks arranged like a short wall. Goats, chickens, pigs roam has become a common sight here. Similar views can be found along the way Baa to Nembrala where lots of cows roaming the vast pastures. Livestock is become one of the local livelihoods.

At nightfall, that’s when we could enjoy the power that only the light from 6 pm until morning. There is no nightlife here a modern twist. There is no disco, night club or the like. I only saw one restaurant that serves satellite TV entertainment which was playing live football. The guests usually spend the night with a reading on the gps phone tracker free android porch chat rooms or occasionally in the dining room. Because of the lack of entertainment, I finally spent the night with watching the volleyball match between the villages which was held at the volleyball court next to the church. Residents, especially the young one, very enthusiastic crowded field, this may be the only entertainment for them.

Tirosa is a neighboring houses so I freely to see their lives. When the night started late, I hear the occasional sound of pets combined with the crash of waves on the beach, as if complete peace and quiet that enveloped Nembrala night.


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