Potential polluting industries in Bali Environment

2,590 Noted industry in Bali is considered potentially pollute the environment. Because the activity of thousands of industries that generate waste containing hazardous materials and toxic (B3) which is very harmful to the environment including public health threat if not managed properly. Head of the Environment Agency (BLH) of Bali Province Ir. A.A. Gede Alit Poets, SIP, M.T. said it was Sunday (24/10) yesterday.

According to the writer, producer of industrial waste including industrial B3 is engaged in the tourism sector, and maintenance of automotive, industrial dyeing / garments and hospital / clinic. It is said, the rate of 2590 potential industries that pollute the environment is predicted to continue to rise every effort considering developments in the sector quite rapidly in Bali. “That figure is the latest data we have and is predicted to continue rising. Currently, we are coordinating with the district / city to immediately identify and validate the activities of B3 waste producers in the region for the next report that data to a BLH of Bali, “he said.

As a preventive step to ward B3 of environmental pollution caused by waste, he said, it intensified its development that target the B3 waste management industries B3 waste producers. One of the mandatory requirements that must be met by these industries, they are required to have temporary waste storage facility. According to the provisions, they were allowed to accommodate the waste for 90 days to be distributed to the company’s B3 waste container for further processing. “Especially for Bali, there are two companies that

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have obtained permits to transport and accommodate the B3 waste to be transported further to Java for processing. One company located in Ubung and another one located diKerobokan, “he said and added, with a particular technology such as B3 waste oil / lubricant oil can be recycled for use again.

Poets added that medical waste is also potentially a source of pollutants that are dangerous to society. Therefore, the institute worked with districts in Bali are also trying to intensify the guidance and supervision of medical waste management in hospitals and clinics both private and government property. “Importantly, we also asked the district / city for intensive enforcement of licensing held that target activities that generate waste B3,” he said


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