Press disposal Methane Gas From Manure

Animal Husbandry Research Faculty of Udayana University shows the use of aloe vera plant waste as cattle feed was able to reduce the content of methane gas in cow manure up to 15 percent.

Utilization of waste as a spy phone feed lindah crocodile in dairy farms is expected to reduce the discharge of methane gas into the air. This is expected to be a form of livestock’s contribution in the response to global warming.

Researchers from the Faculty of Udayana University Prof. Gede ranch Mahardika on essay writing service discount keteranganya in

Denpasar (17/11) to submit by an average of one pound of feed eaten by cows produce about 200 kilocalories. So with the use of aloe best spy phone app for iphone vera as feed the methane gas content in livestock manure can be reduced.

“Say the cow to consume up to 6 pounds of feed per day, then he will produce about 1200 kilo calories to produce coalbed methane, whereas methane gas that comes out along this dirt not pollute the environment,” explained Prof. Gede Mahardika.


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from the Faculty of Udayana University Prof. Gede livestock waste utilization lindah Mahardika crocodile as cattle feed not only reduces the methane content in cow manure, but also improve the utilization of calories for growth for livestock. Especially in lindah vera contains various types mindral and enzymes that is good enough for the growth of cattle


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