Why do flights have to be delayed ?

Have you ever had a flight delay? And all of your plans got mess up? And of course, this makes you resentful and angry? If the delay only affects one or two flights maybe you’ll stay comfortable at the airport. But if a delay happens in almost every flight, then you will not feel comfortable anymore in the airport. My friends experienced it on October 8, 2010 for flights from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. Because almost all the Lion Air flight delayed his departure that day, passengers were piled up at the terminal 1A, both as x-ray examination, upon check-in, waiting rooms and waiting rooms departure terminal. Passengers must be willing to sit on the floor because there are no more chairs. Even the waiting room that

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is set only about 30 minutes to one flight forced to accommodate 3 flights in the same time.

Often we find that flight delays were so severe that the passenger must stay at the airport. The snow storm that hit Europe in December 2009 even had to delay the flight a few days and passengers must also be willing to sleep in the airport. Also a great flight delays at airports Bangkok overwrite once occupied by protesters.

Delayed flight

Delayed flight

This delay should be positively addressed first. Indeed it is common for flight delays occurred in the airline industry. None of the airlines are free from the risk of delay. We must understand why the flight had to be postponed. If the delays related to security issue then we should accept with a roomy chest. However, if the delay was caused by operational reasons then you are entitled to feel angry. Here are some causes of your flight should be delayed:

  • Safety factor. Aviation industry is one of the well regulated regarding safety issues. Flight safety is affected by the condition of the aircraft weather, acts of terrorism, runway conditions, radar and others. If one of these components is expressed in inappropriate conditions, then certainly the flight will be
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  • Damage to the system. There are times when flight delays are caused by damage to check-in system, as happened in Australia a few weeks ago. This damage causes the process of check-in must be done manually which takes longer.
  • Operational Constraints. Damage to aircraft is the most frequent cause a flight to be postponed. In fact the plane may have to go back to the airport of origin (Return to Base) after airing a few moments found indications of damage due to one of the planes. If the airline has a replacement plane then the delay will be resolved and not spread to other airlines. But if not then almost certainly another flight that uses the broken plane would be delayed as well. Airlines normally will change the routing plane to reduce the effects of delays. Delays are also caused by changes in aircraft planes with different types after the check-in takes place. This change requires changes in the determination of seating in some or most of the passengers.
  • Special conditions. This special condition usually occurs if the destination airport in the high-level security status, which typically must be sterile because it is used for VVIP flights. When the American President to visit Bali, all flights to Bali on a time slot prior to the arrival of the VVIP guest will be delayed. Special conditions can occur if there are security issues at the airport of origin or destination.
  • Passenger behavior. It is inevitable that flight delays are also caused by the behavior of passengers. For example, like do not come on time in the waiting room, cabin luggage is too large and should move it into the trunk of the plane, continue to use the phone as the plane prepared to take off. Several other cases are non-equation with the number of passengers on planes that are listed on the manifest. To these will usually look for passengers who are not located in the plane and took out luggage is already entered in the aircraft belly.

Among these factors, flight delays due to internal factors such as aircraft damaged. And it called for operational reasons it. The following illustration may help how big the effects of flight delays:

  • Securities generally will be more severe delays to flights in the afternoon and evening. Understandable that an aircraft will be used for multiple routes in a day. Well if a plane is damaged in the morning and had to delay its first flight then almost certainly the next flight will be delayed, unless there is enough reserve aircraft.
  • The impact of this delay certainly spread to all relevant routes, especially for a flight the next connection. For example, to route from Jakarta to Makassar, Kendari. Jakarta-Makassar route flown the plane X, while Makassar, Kendari flown the plane Y. If the plane X is delayed 3 hours while a passenger on the plane X has a connecting flight to Kendari, Makassar route then there is the possibility of follow-Kendall will be delayed unless there is special treatment.

Well, be prepared if at any time you have to hit flight delay


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