Bali targeted as Ornamental Fish Trade Center

Sanur, the Ministry of maritime affairs and fisheries targeting Bali as a center for marine ornamental fish trade in Indonesia. In view of Bali is the largest region exporter of ornamental fish in Indonesia. Not to

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mention so far Bali has become a center of trade in marine ornamental fish market in Indonesia.

Advisor to the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Suseno Sukoyono sidelines of the National Symposium on Sanur Indonesian Ornamental Fish (23/11) expressed on average during the Bali donate 1 million dollars from 10 million U.S. dollars export value of Indonesian ornamental fish per year. Not to mention the marine ornamental fish species in the export of Bali is also quite diverse, so is in great demand by export destination countries.

“Bali was to accommodate as well as from various other areas in Indonesia for export, Bali had become an icon and center of trade in ornamental fish in Indonesia,” said Suseno Sukoyono

Advisor to the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Suseno Sukoyono mention this during almost 70 percent of Indonesian ornamental fish exports are absorbed by

European and American markets. Only about 10 percent is absorbed by the Chinese market. Expected in the coming years the value of ornamental fish exports to China increased significantly


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