Dozens of Artists Tattoo Participate Contests in Kuta

Kuta, Dozens tattoo artists today took part in a tattoo contest in Kuta Bali. Besides as a venue for creativity among artists tattoo contest, contest also aims to eliminate the criminal impression on the art of tattooing.

Tattoo contest at the Kuta Sunset road was followed by 37 artists in tattoos. Apart from Bali, contest participants also come from several cities including Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya and Malang.

“In this contest, participants were divided into two categories namely category picture tattoo black and gray (dark gray) and colored tattoos category. While the theme of tattoos that have made the tattoo artist is a fantasy theme, “explained Chairman of the Committee for the contest, Good Ferry.

Each participant was given for 4 hours to get a tattoo on the body of the model. In addition to the model tattooed locals, some contest participants appear to use foreign tourists as a model of his tattoo work.

“Besides, as a venue for creativity contest and get-togethers tattoo artists, the contest is also intended to popularize the tattoo as an art form. Contests are also expected to eliminate the stigma of a tattoo that is identical with the criminal world. Keep in mind, our country is damaged because of the tie, and not damaged by the tattooed, “said well.

a lady being tattoed


The assessment is based on several criteria contest started drawing ideas, neatness of the picture, until the precise time of the tattoo image.

Of the 37 participants of the contest, the race committee will select four winners that won 1st and champion 2 for each category of race. From 4 champion before, and then will choose a best entries based on the audience choice.


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