HIV / AIDS education in School

Bali provincial government decided to

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incorporate HIV / AIDS education as part of the educational curriculum at the junior and senior high school.

This decision was taken because of HIV / AIDS education through extracurricular activities in the form of student groups concerned with AIDS (KSPA) in schools has not been too effective.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Bali. Nyoman Sutedja on his testimony in Renon (14/12) said that HIV / AIDS education will be included in the curriculum of education in the form of local educational content.

Where HIV / AIDS education at an early stage are taught by health workers at the clinic.

Sutedja deliver AIDS education in school is more focused on the introduction of AIDS disease and HIV / AIDS.

“During this time students only know only adults can be infected but in fact all ages can get, now will straighten it,” Nyoman Sutedja.

Nyoman Sutedja revealed until recently the number of cases of HIV / AIDS in Bali has reached 3800 cases.

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cases the average age of those infected were young people aged 20-29 years productive


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