10,000 Ancient Manuscripts will be digitized

Bali now is trying to rescue the works of literature and culture contained in the manuscripts through the process of digitization. Noted 10,000 ancient manuscripts, will be digitized in this year.

Whereby, 10,000 manuscripts of digitized contents most about the Ramayana story, Usadha (treatment technique), and the http://cialiscanada-onlinerx.com/ philosophy of life.

In this digitalization process Bali provincial government took great online pharmacy teachers from Wesleyan University Professor, Ron Jenkins. Head of Balinese Culture Ketut Suastika viagra by mail on his testimony in Renon, Thursday (13 / 1) reveals the effort of digitizing is also an attempt to introduce literary works of Bali to the international world.

“Later on, stored knowledge can be publicized and could be utilized better”. The purpose to digitize the manuscript is only to make it secure. Because durability of manuscript which is written on palm leaves has viagra online certain limit, ‘he explained.

Kidung Brahmana Sagupati

Suastika declare, according to the plan this digitalization process was accompanied by a translation in 3 languages: Bali, Indonesia and England. In addition, the results of digitizing and translations will be shown in the online version


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