Biopori, Solution for Floods in Denpasar

Flooding problems for an urban area is a difficult thing to avoid. One way you can do to reduce the overflow of water flowing out of the house or yard is through the creation biopori hole.

Biopori is to make

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the holes or pockets of water reservoirs in the area of house yard so that water flowing into the street can be reduced.

It is said Honorary Chairman of the Board of the Central INKINDO Drs. IB. Gede Wiyana, Thursday (13 / 1) when visiting the Office of the Mayor. Biopori hole is very helpful in accommodating the water so it does not happen to overflow the water on the highway.

“If each home, office or school in Denpasar make biopori hole, I believe that often occurs in flood plains in the city of Denpasar can be overcome,” said Wiyana.

According to him the current state of most of the water flowing into the road in the city of Denpasar came from homes or offices. Moreover, most of the yard is now concreted, so that all the water will spill into the street. This is what causes occurred overflow water causing flood.

Wiyana who is also chairman of the Foundation Dwijendra Denpasar suggested that from now on biopori making more intensified campaign. Even for his side has pioneered the manufacture biopori create five large-size biopori Dwijendra schools in the area.

“We made substantial biopori with size 10×10 meters in the school yard.

This helps to retain water when it rains, and if the dry season biopori holes can serve as backup water. Minimum for watering the garden so it does not have to use the water taps for watering the plants, “he said.


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