Going to Semau

This is a travel story from friend of mine. She is going to Semau, an Island near Timor. This is the story:

The second day of New Year holiday, there are so many choices. Suddenly me and my friends will be tempted Apes the beauty of the island that afternoon was very white sand beaches visible from Kupang. So finally, we look for ships that could take us to the island in the middle of the bay Kupang. With full of spirit, we guerilla from the Nunhila beaches, Teddis, Oeba until Pasir Panjang adjacent to the Chrystal hotel. We got a little surprise, that we should hire a boat for IDR 1.5 million. Expensive… beyond our budget of course.

From the Pasir Panjang area we are looking for info on port Tenau, because in the Port Tenau there are many motor boats that carry passengers to and from the island Semau. Slightly cheaper, in the Port Tenau motorboat towing ZAR 1 million to fix prices. Feels remain expensive.

As the drug of disappointed, we finally decided to join the motor boat cruised into Semau. I do not know all of a sudden me feel “brave” to cross the Strait of Semau, surprised also because it has long wanted to Semau but the mind is always afraid. Finally the time has arrived. Nothing to lose. Just hope that the trip safe and enjoyable.

Going To Semau

Semau Island is a

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small island located in the western part of Timor Island. Nusa Bungtilu Semau Island was the original name. Bungtlu Nusa Island Flower has a meaning as the three colors. Interest rates here are not usually known to us, but talking about the interest here is the cotton used to weave traditional cloth. As for custom fabric used here is the fabric used for a particular custom. Nusa Bungtilu has a meaning as three-color cotton, where the three colors are Black, White and Red. Nusa Bungtilu may also be called as a traditional weaving embryo formation from several tribes in the East.

So by paying 10 thousand Rupiah per person, we got into a motor boat, fun boat ride so we went straight away no need to wait a full passenger. The first experience of motor boat, too wary, but it turns out fun. Slowly the boat left the Port of Tenau splitting a strait Semau look so blue this afternoon, though slightly overcast sky. Fortunately the sea was calm, so on the boats were in swing-swing, let alone so the wind swept sea, sleepiness happens; there is even a passenger who dared to sleep in the deck. Still sleepy, me chose to stay awake only because of scenery on this trip really spoil the eye. Along the way we got pulled over close to several large ships that were docked, delivering several cruise crews returning from Kupang.

Going to Semau

The boat

proceeded to divide the sea, distant blue. About an hour later, we arrived at the island dock Semau. Wowwwwww. Really I do not think that the day is the pier on a remote island in the category that is really captivating me heart. On the dock looks beautiful coral carvings, while the water beneath the sea to create gradations that are not less interesting. Perfect. Oh My God … beautiful. I felt bored not aiming the camera.

Going to Semau

Once landed, we were invaded by a motorcycle. In order to reduce a little tired, we stopped at a tavern, even the one stall that day and was willing to accept us, knowing still enter the Christmas holiday – New Year, so many stalls are closed. Only a pile of noodles mintah that we see in the window, with the courage to ask us to father who had a stall for at masakkan fried and boiled noodles. Thanks God, the father was willing. While waiting for me noodles boiled stroll around the pier, seen a few boats are mooring, waiting queues for speeding. The atmosphere is so calm. Noodles come, and we immediately attacked, the father adds lucky that our plate of rice

for five, plus a glass of hot tea to make us become more and spirit to continue travel. In total we paid the food was worth 35 thousand to five people. Cheap.

Going to Semau

Our goal next is Oiasa beach, located about 7 km from the dock. There is no public transportation car, only motorcycles. The father of the owner of the bike to our shop offers rental, finally a deal worth 100 thousand for the five of us.

Towards Uiasa beach, we passed through villages and forest, the houses here are still very rare, so some say that only a third of Semau only inhabited island, the rest are still left in the forest. We passed some road is paved, but many have been damaged, so be careful. Half an hour later we’ve arrived at a beach with white sand is very soft, slightly wavy. Quiet, even we only just coming to it. Olala … just seemed to have a private beach. Unfortunately, the sea water a little choppy, so my friend thought better for snorkeling. Remove from the sea; we headed to the flushing water in a pool of cold and clear.

Going to Semau

Once in the dock, because it was late afternoon we decided to go straight back to Kupang, apparently we boarded the same boat, but with more cargo. A few moments after the ship loose from the dock, we made stunned, at the bottom of the sea we could see the beauty of marine life there. Unfortunately the movement of boats makes waves that cloud our view. It seemed that area into an attractive snorkeling spot.

Slowly but surely, the boat has reached the Tenau back, felt tired, but feeling happy that we feel so much more. Semau Island looks vaguely ahead, although the remote was Semau holds so much the beauty of.


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