Tourist Distribution in Bali is Not Maximum

Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik assess this during Bali could have reduced the distribution of tourists evenly in 9 districts in Bali. This condition causes the development of tourism in Bali focused on areas south of Badung and Denpasar. This was said after the opening Wacik Regional Council (Musda) Democratic Party in Sanur, Bali Area (14 / 1).

According to Wacik, the failure distribution of development of tourism in Bali is also seen from the stacking construction of tourism facilities like hotels are centrally in south Bali. This condition causes many people who ask for a moratorium on hotel construction in the area of south Bali.

Jero Wacik recognizes the culture and tourism ministry is now trying to help the Balinese do tourists’ distribution evenly. One of them is by building airports in North Bali.

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Bali Airport

“New airport will be built in Buleleng, followed by Train around Bali. That was the idea

and currently studied now. And if it happen, people will also make hotel on North Bali” said Jero Wacik.

Jero Wacik hoped with the development of Bali’s airport in the north also can help reduce poverty and unemployment in Bali.


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