How to arrive in Bali at night

The plane will land at Ngurah Ray Bali at 23:50 PM? Is there is still an open inn? Then how to get there? Is it safe?

Perhaps these questions are often asked by friends who come to Bali. But I have some tips that can help your friends when you have landed in Bali in late at night.

Along with the rise of tourism sector in Bali, more tourists come to Bali especially the domestic tourists. This is also supported by the rise of a local flight that opens channels from Jakarta to Bali or from other cities in Indonesia. From the number of flights, some airlines offer cheaper rates for night flights (last

flight). The aircraft take off from Jakarta at around 20:30 and landed in Bali at 23.00 (long flight 1.5 hours, plus one hour because of time Bali 1 hour faster / +8 GMT).

The problem is when you arrive in Bali in at lexapro high 23.00, there will arise a question how I could get a lodging? And what transportation to take from airport to lodging, how much the taxi fare is it safe? And much more.

I have some tips for the circumstances as above.

  1. Time in Bali is UTC +8, walgreens online pharmacy so it will be wise if you set you clock at that time.
  2. When you arrive at the Domestic Arrival of Ngurah Rai Airport, you can use the official airport taxi cab by buying tickets at the official counter which is open until the last plane on the right night at the arrival exit gate. We just pay the taxi ticket in the counter and not to the taxi driver. But you can give tips to a taxi driver later. When you arrive at the International Arrivals Terminal no taxi counter in there, you can wait for taxis at the arrival gate. If there are no taxis, there is usually a non-official taxi, but try to bargain the taxi fare according to your destination. But usually this non-official taxi did not pay much higher fare. At the Counter of the Official Taxi rates in accordance with travel far, for the purpose of Kuta, Legian IDR 45.000, Jimbaran IDR 60.000, Nusa Dua IDR 50.000, Denpasar IDR 65.000. Kuta is a tourist spot closest to the airport with a distance of only 15 minutes. My advice is if this is your first arrival
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    to Bali you should go to Kuta and seek lodging in Kuta.

  3. Cheap lodging, clean, and safe is numerous in Jalan Legian Kuta Poppies Lane II. From the airport you will pass through Jalan Kartika Plaza, turn left at the side of Jalan Pantai Kuta Kuta Beach and lined Luxury Hotels, Hard Rock Cafe, Pizza Hut, McDonald and turn right into Jalan Poppies Lane II headed to Jalan Legian. To the right of Poppies Lane II a lot of inexpensive but clean accommodations. You can stop at one of the inn and asked if there was an empty room. It should be noted Jalan Poppies is only one path and one-way and taxis cannot stop for long time.
  4. You can directly pay cash money to the receptionist room and write down the name in the form based on ID given.
  5. You can breathe easily because “at least” you do not pharmacy in canada sleep on the porch tonight. Tomorrow morning you can stroll around the Poppies for a better accommodation or you can go to other places in Bali according to plan your vacation.

Other Facilities at Kuta

According to my most favorite place for “first port” in Bali is Kuta. In addition to this area there are famous Kuta Beach’s (200 m from Poppies Lane II), also has complete facilities: Accommodation is cheap & clean, Restaurant food western & local affordable, ATM, Internet, Mini lexapro with vyvanse Market Circle K 24 hours, clothing shop & relatively cheap souvenirs (with bargaining), and many foreigner hanging around.


Security issues, Bali is relatively safe compared to other places in Indonesia, is rare hold-up, or theft. The majority of Balinese are devout followers of Hinduism are afraid of bad karma. Usually if there is crime perpetrators are immigrants. So do not be afraid to come to Bali.

There are Bali Bombing, is it safe?

As previously known, there have been 2 times of Bali bombing, in the Year 2002 and 2005. This event has a very large impact on tourist arrivals in Bali. But Bali is now starting to rise again. About this viagra how long does it work bomb issue, I cannot guarantee because it could happen where I depend on your fate. So keep praying so we can avoid this.


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