Many Balinese Art Objects in Austria

Embassy or Permanent Mission of Indonesia

in cooperation with the Vienna Museum of Ethnology Vienna “Museum fur Volkerkunde” held exhibition of cultural objects that were written in the book “Balinese Art in Transition” which is a testament of the discovery of a collection of art objects and artifacts contained in the Balinese culture Austria.

The book “Balinese Art in Transition” which was launched recently in Austria, said Djati Ismojo the Counsellor of Social Culture.

He said the exhibition which lasted until 2 May that aims to provide opportunities to the international community, Austria and the book the reader can immediately see the great work of a painter in Bali, I Gusti Nyoman Lempad which provides plenty

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of inspiration for Western artists of his time.

Besides that also showcased the work of Walter Lamak Spies who has lived in Ubud, Bali, and provide plenty of inspiration to the young Balinese painters who are members of the association.

Bali Night Culture Exhibition escorts the opening of great exhibition. The exhibition opening was attended by approximately 500 invitations from the diplomatic community, community art lovers, the people of Indonesia and the Friends of Indonesia.

Gending Pendet who started the series with a slick opening ceremony performed by the skilled hands Austrian citizens belonging to the Group’s Balinese Gamelan Altenberg.

Panyembrama Dance, Kebyar Duduk , and Legong Keraton hosted by members of the Indonesian community in Vienna adds a degree of cultural splendor that night.

Ethnology Museum Director Dr. Barbara Pankensteiner, delivered early existence of a collection of cultural objects by artists from Bali which is a voluntary donation from Helene Potjewyd in 1946 and has never been witnessed by the general public.

Until the publication of book “Balinese Art In Transition” work together Embassy in Vienna with the Museum of Ethnology. The exhibition was packed by the curator of the Museum Dr. Sri Kuhnt-Saptodewo

Ambassador I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja in his speech, said in an understanding of art and culture of Bali, one must understand the meaning of love as it was written by Elizabeth Gilbert in her book that inspired the movie Eat, Pray and Love.

The film finds the meaning of true love in Ubud, which is also the birthplace of the painter I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, he said.

The works that are objects exhibition “Balinese Art in Transition” is a collection that shows such a historic relationship has been established in Austria and Indonesia in particular with the Balinese.

Over the past three months at the Ethnology Museum of Vienna, filled with various activities such as seminars on Balinese Culture,

Cultural Show, Promotion Tours Bali Village, and also a documentary film about Bali in the past.


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