Meaning of Ogoh-ogoh



Nyepi Day procession always preceded by Pengerupukan, which is exactly one day before Nyepi. Pengerupukan always waited by the public especially by young children because in the pengerupukan night ogoh-ogoh will be paraded around the village and around the city accompanied by gambelan beleganjur, kentogan and the young couple who go parading with a torch.

Ogoh-ogoh itself is write my essay a ‘giant puppet’ which made in large-sized creepy, in the form of animals, giant, blind which is simbolyze when a negative thing in human beings or even the wild universe.

Ogoh-ogoh been around since the 80s, who initiated the so-called is the former Governor of Bali, Ida Bagus Mantra phone spy app which is also a Balinese cultural figure who always has a breakthrough and accommodate innovative ideas and creativity of young people and artists associated with Hindu religious ritual.

Ogoh -ogoh denoted as bad nature in man, hatred, greed, drunkenness, envy, greed, greedy that crystallized during a year when the last step of procession after being

paraded is ogoh-ogoh will be burned or destroyed as a symbol of purification of bad qualities of man. And in the newly reborn expected us clean and always do the Dharma according to religious teachings.

Ogoh-ogoh relic made of simple wood and bamboo frame; frame is formed and then wrapped in paper. Currently ogoh-ogoh makers increasingly innovating to make the ogoh-ogoh framework by assembled iron, woven bamboo which wrap ogoh-ogoh body was replaced with a cork or stereo foam with modern painting techniques

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matter because it is usually obtained from public donations and business people. Theme ogoh-ogoh was more varied, from theme puppet shows, modern, up to the political porn that does not reflect the meaning of religion. Theme of ogoh-ogoh is expected to be in accordance with Hindu religious values which are God, Man and Bhuta Kala as a counterweight ties all three. Ogoh-ogoh symbol is in accordance with the literature and must be stipulated in the grip of religion and not like a few are made today, because many of us look funny when made in human form, Rocker, punk, human / giant sexy and Nudity. But from another

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viewpoint said ogoh-ogoh was the creativity of young people who exploit the form of natural phenomena and social phenomena that occur in society at this time so no need for restrictions or restraints of expression


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