Ogoh-ogoh workshop harvest orders



By the celebration of Nyepi holiday which falls on March 5, the Balinese began to prepare the sculpture that called ogoh-ogoh which will parade the day before the celebration of Nyepi. This situation brings its own fortune to the craftsmen ogoh-ogoh because they flooded orders from Bali and outside Bali.

One of the ogoh-ogoh maker places which is harvest orders owned by Mangku Wayan Candra in Jalan Sesetan Denpasar. Since the last two months, his ogoh-ogoh workshops already flooded by ogoh-ogoh order to welcome Nyepi holiday on next March 5th.

Ogoh-ogoh or large three-dimensional sculpture made in this place has a variety of sizes from measuring the height of 1 meter to 5 meters. The form was ranged from puppet figures, giants, tigers, and the figure of Bhuta Kala.

With the assistance of dozens of employees experience in the field, each ogoh-ogoh can be done between 1 day to 1 week depending on the size of the size and level of difficulty and the creation of ogoh-ogoh booked.

“Ogoh-ogoh is a work of art in the form of three-dimensional sculpture that can be moved or danced in a dim view or shake. Ogoh-ogoh mostly made in the form of creepy as meaning a reflection of negative human traits like greed and insolence so it is not disturbs the man and the universe, “said Mangku Wayan Candra (02/12/2011).

By the day of Nyepi ogoh-ogoh workshop own by Mangku Wayan Candra has received hundreds of ogoh-ogoh orders. Number of orders made Mangku Candace had to refuse some orders coming from all over Bali and several cities in Java.

One ogoh-ogoh creations Mangku Wayan Candra sold between IDR 500.000 to IDR 15 million depending on the size and shape of ogoh-ogoh booked.

Ogoh-ogoh paraded at Pengerupukan night or one day before Nyepi day. Later ogoh-ogoh will be paraded by the Balinese Hindu community in each link as a symbol

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