Reason of Komodo deletion as finalist for 7 wonders


Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) on the island of Rinca, Komodo National Park (KNP), West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara

The Indonesian government expressed no objection if the organizers of “New7Wonders” suspend or remove the Komodo National Park from the list of 28 finalists.

New7Wonders Foundation has announced as the organizer announce the status of Komodo Island as finalists will be suspended starting on February 7, 2011.

Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik told the deletion of Komodo. He said, in December last, New7Wonders Foundation meet him. “They asked Indonesia to host a declaration on November 11, 2011. Well, I’ve had a crush on, when Indonesia’s declaration of world we’ll be able to echo. But the weight requirements, so must pay a commitment fee,” Jero said, after attending Plenary Meeting of the Cabinet at the Presidential Office on Wednesday (02/02/2011) night.

Government, continued Jero, was asked to pay 10 million dollars as a commitment to host the announcement. Not only was that, for the implementation, the organizers also asked to spend 35 million U.S. dollars. “So, in total we spend 45 million U.S. dollars, or more than IDR 400 billion. I think, because I am a former businessman, Is it worth calculated to pay IDR 400 billion to host the promotion of Komodo that do not sure will win, it was selected again into seven, “he said.

Then, Jero said, that money should be spent as host very large and not commensurate with what is available. “It could recoup their turnover. Although I still want to promote Komodo,” Jero said.

Because of the refusal of Indonesia, the organizers declared Komodo would be banned. “They say, if Indonesia is not able to host, we will delete,” he said.

Statement of the organizers considered odd by Jero. According to him, if Indonesia is not willing to host should be there are 27 other countries that also entered the finalists can be replaced without having to write off Komodo participation as a finalist. “For me no problem in other countries, which is important we vote. If the world had signed the seven-vote and large, yes, it can be seven wonders. That’s my mind,” Jero said.

Although omitted, Jero said, Indonesia has benefited from the inclusion of Komodo as 28 finalists. Visits to the island of Komodo has increased significantly


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