The Balinese-Chinese

Balinese and Chinese

A Pemangku in a place of Tridharma worship (klenteng), Tanjung Benoa, Bali, doing clean-up before the Lunar New Year. He beautify, among others, Gods Princess Southern Ocean (Shewien Shen Niang) and Lord of the Sea (Yati Kong), Saturday (29 / 1) afternoon. Also, almost all Klenteng on the island of Bali acculturated the Chinese culture and Bali (Shiva Buddha).

Frenetic of man-woman dressed in traditional Balinese cloth called poleng, Udeng (fastener heads), and white kebaya was busy cleaning the Chinese stone lions, dragon carved Balinese style, and Chinese incense burner (hio lo) at Po

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Kong Cong Pagoda in the Temple Ulundanu, Kintamani , Bali, Saturday (29/01/2011).

A row of red lanterns inscribed Mandarin character fu (fortune) and Chinese talisman breeze blowing, the smell of incense, flowers praying, and the sound of bells accompany the reading of the Vedas (Hindu Scriptures) was beautiful chime in Ulundanu Pura Batur.

There was a greeting and joking in Balinese at Po Kong Temple Cong. Holy water (tirta), puspa, and Chinese incense burner in front of the main altar prepared Cong Po Kong, where Ida Ratu Gede Ngurah Subandar (Kongco Cong Po Kong) revered. Places Hindu and Confucian worship prepared carefully by the male-female from Bali and the Chinese half-blood community in the pagoda.

At the same time, several men dressed in Hindu and Buddhist clergy sat side by side on a Bale Paruman in front of the Shrine Cong Po Kong. Wayan Liastra, Batur village residents, preparing Penjor which will be installed in front of the pagoda. “It’s voluntary work. All mutual aid if there is a ceremony, “said Liastra.

That busy people together in the days of preparation for the installation of the statue of the goddess Kwan Im in Balinese tradition accepted as a figure of Dewi Sri and the celebration of Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, 2562.

“If before the Lunar New Year, we are all busy together like this. All citizens are involved; do not distinguish the original Balinese or the half-blood Chinese, “said Ketut Title Jro heavy foundation (45), a member of prajuru (security for Pura).

The prajuru was busy keeping Ulundanu Pura Batur (commonly known as Pura Batur) a month. They make sure the ceremonies, including Chinese New Year celebrations, took place smoothly without interruption.

Pura Batur is a center of the celebration of Chinese New Year known as Lunar New Year event (its literal meaning is based on the rotation calendar months) the Chinese community in Bali. Kadek Purnami, Ubud Writers Festival committee, acknowledges the Chinese businessmen who met in Bali Ubud Kintamani to hold forth to the Chinese New Year prayers at Pura Batur.

When cleaning up the Klenteng, Balinese and Chinese citizens together were taking the prayers at Pura Gede in the presence of the god Shiva and goddess Durga. Solemn ceremony took place amid the cool mountain plateau with Lake Batur Bali visible in the distance.

“We run the Hindu ritual first in honor of Pura Batur. After that, run Confucian ceremony. Who came to Gustavo Queen Subandar not only from Balinese and Chinese communities, Chinese people from Java and Java are also many who come on pilgrimage. Here the place of togetherness and open to everyone, “said Secretary Cong Pagoda Po Kong Halim Darmada (57) aka Lim Kun Jin.

Mangku Chandra alias Lim Tian An, Chairman of the Pagoda Cong Po Kong, said Chinese citizens in Kintamani blend without the bulkhead in the middle of the Balinese. Men are also of mixed blood Bali said, many Chinese men who marry a

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Balinese woman and living in harmony.

“The majority of Chinese citizens in Kintamani live from farming by cultivating the garden or farm. Their lives are no different from his brothers, tribes of Bali, “said Mangku Chandra, who has a genuine Balinese grandmother.

According to Mangku Chandra, there are about 270 native Kintamani hald-bloog Chinese families living in four villages, namely chess, Kembang Sari, Kintamani, and Langgahan. Plantation coffee, longan, cloves, and lychee and a variety of fruits produced from the region.

That said, long ago, at first there are four joint venture (trade group), the Chinese community in the region. So, do not be surprised if the main deity in the temple, namely Cong Po Kong or Queen Subandar, regarded as the protector of commerce for the Balinese and Chinese.

It started during the XII century during the marriage of King Jaya Pangus with the Chinese princess, We Jin Kang, who later became the forerunners of the existence of the Chinese community Kintamani. Pair of King Jaya Pangus-Kang Jin We enshrined in Barong Landung, as recorded in Gria Ida Rauh Manuaba Sugriwa Street, in downtown Ubud, Gianyar regency.

The difference is not a divider bridge for Chinese citizens in the area of Kintamani and Bali. Togetherness lasts from life to death. Ida Bagus Putra Siwagatha son of Ida Rauh Manuaba in Ubud explain, even funerals Chinese citizens, Bali, and Muslims are in one complex.

“Tombs of Chinese still use bong pay (large headstone mound) shaped in horseshoe,” said Chandra justify Mangku Ida Bagus Putra Sigawatha information.

Lim Kun Jin which is the seventh-generation of half-blood Chinese Bali pleaded not experience discrimination in the island resort. All residents living in Kintamani for cross-community there is no discriminatory treatment.

Chinese traditions in addition to the celebration of festive Chinese New Year are also celebrated in the Pura Batur. Mangku Chandra explains, worship the Lord God (Dian Gong), prayer Cap Go Meh, Kueh Cang prayer, prayer Round Cake (Tuan Jie), prayer Pia Tiong Jiu (Jiu Zhong Jie-mid-autumn), and various rituals can take place in the eternal Pura Batur.

Also, Chinese citizens in the Shrine ritual Po Kong Cong done in her customary fashion Bali. At first glance, it is difficult to differentiate between Chinese and Balinese where a meeting of two cultures in Kintamani. That’s the power of Indonesia, united in diversity.

Om Swasti Astu, Xin Nian Kuai Le, Peace, and Happy chinese new year


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