The Story Behind the appearance of Iron Maiden in Bali

British music group, formed earlier in 1975, along with Judas Priest known as a source of heavy metal world. Now, after 35 years, they can enjoy their concert in Bali. What makes Tommy Pratt from the original production insist bring Iron Maiden to Bali?

For him, bringing world-class musical groups is part of his hobby. Inevitably, a number of large groups were so coveted. From classic rock icons Deep Purple, Toto, Scorpions, Extreme, Bon Jovi or American metal, Megadeth has successfully brings to Indonesia.

For him, it is a pride can present them. In fact, to established contact with the tour manager of the board of the world music group that was not easy. In addition to diligently contact them by never give up, have a good reputation in organizing events, also takes patience and luck factor.

As an illustration, to bring Iron Maiden to Bali and Jakarta this time, Tommy who was very experienced brings top musicians of this world had to wait five years to perform in Indonesia. This is because they have to adjust the tour schedule which is designed professionally.

In addition to launching the album on a regular basis, manager Steve Harris and his colleagues also arrange tour schedule neatly held several years before the show. For example for The Final Frontier 2011 World Tour this time, it was already set up five years ago.

This is because other countries who wish to be included in the list are also lining up their world tour. So, cannot arbitrarily insert with tour dates without considering many aspects.

For example, Indonesia is a potential entry point due to tour schedule in Australia. In addition, since Indonesia is also known to have high enthusiasm scene or community of rock music and its heavy metal. Evidently, from a number of groups that successfully held a concert such as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Metalica, Sepultura, Megadeth. It became a kind of good “report “, to be considered. “I promised five years ago for this concert. Just imagine, five years ago he promised, So it takes perseverance, patience to hold these events,” he said.

A moment later, he also showed his notebook. In his notebook, he showed all the preparations for Iron Maiden concert in Indonesia I.e. Jakarta and Bali. Of special chartered plane bearing the Iron Maiden, with a distinctive typeface, which was ready to carry all purposes. It’s like they used to tour the world before, as can be enjoyed on DVD discs, a very famous Flight 666.

Why Tommy so insistent once brought the band from Leyton, East London, Great Britain had to wait five years? Apparently the answer is simple. “Since I was a big fan of them” he said, while citing a number mainstay of the

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