Tourism products is just like Chain

Tana Toraja

Tourism products like chain. This was revealed by the Director of Promotion of the Interior Ministry of Culture and Tourism M. Faried.

“In the chain, there are hotels, tourist attractions, entertainment, phd dissertation writing services souvenirs, and others. Weakest chain has most attention,” he said. Areas that are developed for tourism should consider several aspects. For example, whether the promotion android gps tracker is good but his hotel is adequate or easy transportation access to the location.

For example, Faried told that in the square of Pontianak city, there are full of street hawkers. Then the local government cleans the area. Near the square there is the hotel itself. “I asked the hotel and they said the occupancy rate increases,” he said.

If hotel occupancy raises, further Faried, then other things like food and souvenir business would also go up.

Another point of concern is the need for Culture and Tourism ministry cooperation between local governments to develop a tour package together. “Tourism promotion needs to be integrated. There is a mutual dependency. Do not look at the area alone and instead pegged at administrative borders,” mobile call sms tracker he said.

Therefore, in the visit “Visit Makassar” was developed into the “Visit Makassar and Beyond”. “If people want to not have to Makassar Toraja or to Wakatobi must first landing at Makassar,” said Faried.


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