History of Bali Kuna – Part 1: Preliminary

Bali is Bali Kuna before Bali conquered by Majapahit (in 1343 AD). The term of Bali Kuna was initially by Dr. R. Goris, in 1948. He is a Dutch anthropologist who lived in Singaraja. The term is used to restrict the study area between pre-and post-Majapahit occupation that brought great influence in the

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fields of social life, culture, politics and economy. There is no explanation about the use of the word ‘Kuna’ (Kuno is Indonesian Language for Old) in this limit.

Bali Kuna later changed to the Bali Aga designation for the Bali Kuna inhabitants who fled to the mountains (Aga = mountain) as driven by large-scale migration of Majapahit in East Java around the 14th century, at which time the religion of Islam began to develop in Java. Sources of literature that confirms this have on the Kidung of Harsha Wijaya, Kidung Ranggalawe, Kidung of Sunda, Java USANA, USANA Bali, Babad Dalem, and Dwijendra Tattwa. Kidung is religious songs.

Scientific research about Bali Kuna held in 1885 by Dr. van der Tuuk and Dr. Brandes based on inscriptions found in Blantih, Sangsit, and Klandis. Then inscriptions which are found on Julah in 1890 makes Brandes research easier. Attention Government of the Netherlands East Indies in the history of Bali Kuna deepening, so that in 1926 was published a collection of documents

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called Epigraphia Balica compiled by Dr. Van Stein Callenfels research.

The documents were then continued to be refined with photos statues, and temples, ancient temples as well as additional findings from Dr. Stutterheim. On year 1930 was published a

book entitled Oudheden van Bali which uncover the mystery veil of Bali Kuna. The authors suspect the word ‘Kuna’ by Goris, perhaps influenced by the word ‘Oudheden’ from the book.

I Nyoman Singgin Wikarman, in his book ‘Leluhur Orang Bali’ (Ancestors of the Balinese) use the term ‘Bali Mula instead of Bali Kuna. He dug deeper on the basis of the findings of Drs. Soekmono (1973), the findings of Dr. R.P. Soejono (1961), and the writing I Made Sutaba, each reveals the existence of the people of Bali since the Stone Age, time of Undagi (technique to develop field rice), until the time of agrarian life.

They include human Austronesian family, which is not religious yet. In the 8th century AD, a yogi from South India called the Maha Rsi Markandeya came spreading Vaishnava Hindu sect. Prior to Bali he had set up ‘pasraman’ in Mount Dieng and Mt Raung. His arrival in Bali, the first visit Besakih, then settled in Taro (Tegallalang).


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