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Leak, Studies in Ancient Hindu Balinese Ancestral Heritage

At this day and age, people are wondering whether the Leak really exists. Is Leak really hurts? In general, the Leak was not hurting. Leak was pretty good process knowledge for those who interested. Because, science Leak also has its own ethics.

It takes an excellent ability to learn science Leak. In the community often labeled Leak hurt even kill humans, but not like that. Science with other sciences Leak found in ancient lontar Bali.

Antiquity, the Leak did not learn any science people. This is due to Leak into the category of science is quite confidential as a defense from enemy attacks. Ancient Balinese people who study science are at high levels, the king accompanied by his subordinates. The purpose is for defense, especially the enemy attacks from outside.

The people who study this science are to choose a place that is quite a secret, because Leak is indeed a secret. So, not many people study it. But times have changed; automated science is also changing according to age. But essentially the same in the application. Clearly science Leak does not hurt.

The harm that science or nerangjana witchcraft, this is the science that is negative, especially for hurting people because something like revenge, envy, wants to be superior. Science is called pengiwa. Pengiwa science is that many developing among the people and is often labeled as science Leak.

Leak does exist and is divided according to the level of knowledge, including the endih Leak. Endih Leak usually appears at the time of exercise or else they’re chatting with fellow Leak, whether similar or opposite sex. The emergence of ‘endih’ it on at night, especially midnight.

Why haunted place?

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