Tukad Bangkung Bridge, Highest Bridge in Asia

Tukad Bangkung Bridge in village of Plaga, Petang District, Badung regency, Bali, opened in December 19, 2006. The bridge that connects the three districts, each of Badung, Bangli, and Buleleng it be the longest bridge in Bali and claimed to be the highest in Asia.

Tukad Bangkung bridge 360 meters in length, 9.6 meters wide, with the highest reaching 71.14 meters pillar, the pillar and foundation 41 feet below ground. The bridge technologically balanced cantilever, with an estimated lifetime of 100 years. On the grounds that no decrease in the surrounding landscape, the bridge was not built with a roof on it. Construction of the bridge was expected to withstand earthquakes of up

to 7 on the Richter scale.

The bridge replaced the old bridge to be located 500 meters south of the bridge Tukad Bangkung. The bridge funds to Rp. 49 billion more to build. The funds came purely from the budget of Bali Province, with a multiyear system since 2001. Construction of the bridge

was at once cut the distance in a 6 kilometer long bridge.


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