Enjoy the Natural Balinese Harmony in Nyanyi Beach


Singing is not just for humans, but the beach also. The proof is Bali has a singing beach. But, is this beach really can sing, curious?

Nyanyi beach (Nyanyi

is Indonesian for Singing), just by heard its name, many local tourists will be wondering whether this beach really can sing or not? This unique name of Nyanyi beach attracts attention of local tourist as well as invites tourists to come and see it instantly.

Island of the Gods, Bali is famous for its variety of beautiful beaches. Not infrequently, a view of beauty is always a surprise for every visitor. Nyanyi beach is one of them.

Btw, it is okay for the beach to have a name Nyanyi (singing). But naturally, Nyanyi beach which is located in the coastal village of Beraban, District Kediri, Tabanan, cannot sing like a singer in general.

Naming the beach Nyanyi (singing) is quite unique. The term always refers to the chant singing songs with lyrics. However, the origins of naming is from the village where the beach is located, namely Nyanyi Village.

Even so, the natural harmony of Nyanyi beach is in the category of amazing. Waves and winds that meet the natural landscape of this coast seemed to form a mini concert. Vast black sand into the natural stage with rows of trees as a background

dancer. Travelers can be a loyal audience who enjoy the show while relaxing on the beach.

Although not as white sand beach the other, Nyanyi beach still looks exotic. Many things can be done on the Nyanyi beach, such as swimming, surfing, or boat.

Not only that, Nyanyi beach are also not been known by many tourist. In other words, the atmosphere is still very natural and a lot of noise like in the center of city.

If you come during the full moon, Nyanyi beach will display all looks beautiful. Humming the beautiful natural beach looks nice under the full moon beams.


One thought on “Enjoy the Natural Balinese Harmony in Nyanyi Beach

  1. canggu villas

    Nyanyi beach still not yet developed for tourism but almost all of its beach frontage gas been bought by investors…hope it will bring a better environtment for the are around the beach..


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