The Delicious Ayam Betutu in Bali

Traditional food is the most wanted thing during a vacation. Bali, one of the most popular islands in the world because of its beauty, has the most famous traditional food that is ayam betutu. Ayam betutu has been famous since a long time ago because it has a great taste and has many exotic flavors on it. It is quite difficult to cook ayam betutu because it will take a long time during the cooking process. This is a little bit recipes in cooking ayam betutu.

Delicious Ayam Betutu

The main material for cooking ayam betutu is chicken. If there is no chicken, it can be

replaced by duck. Balinese traditional food usually consists of many flavors, so it will create a strong taste for the food. Ayam betutu is the example because many traditional flavors will be used during the cooking process. The cooking process starts by spreading all the flavors on the chicken. It will be better if the chef gives a little pressure during spreading the flavors on because it will help the flavors absorbed more. The next step is wrapping the chicken with some banana’s leaves. This process will make the taste stronger and ayam betutu will smell better. After the wrapping process is done, ayam betutu should be put inside an oven. This process takes a quite long time, so Balinese people usually do other activities while waiting ayam betutu cooked.

Because of the process which takes more time, ayam betutu was cooked during some certain traditional events. But now, as Bali has been so famous around the world and many tourists come to visit it, ayam betutu is now more famous as the most wanted traditional food there. Many visitors say that a strong seasoning taste is the strength of ayam betutu. So, for you who have a plan to visit Bali, ayam betutu is highly recommended to try.


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