Prevent Your Feet from Swelling on Long Flights

Swelling Leg and Foot during air travel is common malady, and it’s typically harmless. It’s not a drama since the problem usually goes away on its own once you’re touch down. But, it’s worth knowing what causes leg & feet swelling so you can prepare your next flight better and prevent this problem.

Leg & Feet swelling usually caused by inactivity can i take viagra and cialis together during a flight. I’m not a doctor, but cited from

Sitting with your feet on the floor for a online pharmacy tech florida long cialis on drug test period causes blood to pool in your leg veins. The position of your legs when you are seated also increases pressure in your buy viagra leg veins. This contributes to foot swelling by causing fluid to leave the blood and move into the surrounding soft tissues.

And what you can do to prevent this problem:

  • Wear loose-fitting clothes.
  • Take a short walk once every hour.
  • Flex and extend your ankles and knees frequently while you’re seated.
  • Shift your position in your seat as much as possible, being careful to avoid crossing your legs.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration is one of the cause of swelling. I usually bring a bottle of water once I arrive at airport and suggest myself that this bottle must be lexapro dosage empty when I arrive.
  • Avoid alcohol and any sedatives. Of course, why? this could make you too sleepy to walk around the cabin.

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