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Nyepi in Bali on March 5, 2011

All the Hindus in Indonesia, especially Bali implement Catur Bratha Penyepian, Saturday (5 / 3). The atmosphere of tourist in Kuta area seemed very quiet and silent. All shops and entertainment venues in the Kuta area closed. Incoming search terms:Tradition|BaliHomeland, ogoh ogoh kuta 2011, ogoh ogoh terbesar di bali, ogoh kucit terbesar di bali, Thorny […]


Nyepi – day of silent

Tomorrow will be 26th March (I use +7 GMT). So what it is about tomorrow? Well, tomorrow is Nyepi day. ‘Nyepi’ is come from word ‘sepi’. It’s Indonesian language for silent. Nyepi is the new year for Hindu in Bali. One day before nyepi is called pengrupukan, this day we usually create ogoh-ogoh. It’s like […]

World Silent Day

Forum Fair Trade Indonesia (FFTI) this morning (15/3) implement talk events together through the "Fair Trade Lunch" at Secretariat FFTI / Fair Trade Outlet, Griya Sanur shop , Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai Sanur. This event was attended by many civil society communities in Bali. In the event comes as a resource team World Silent Day […]