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HIV / AIDS education in School

Bali provincial government decided to incorporate HIV / AIDS education as part of the educational curriculum at the junior and senior high school.

This decision was taken because of HIV / AIDS education through extracurricular activities in the form of student groups concerned with AIDS (KSPA) in schools has not been too effective.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Bali. Nyoman Sutedja on his testimony in Renon (14/12) said that HIV / AIDS education will be included in the curriculum of education in the form of local educational content.

Where HIV / AIDS education at an early stage are taught by health workers at the clinic.

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Bali use own funds

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika asserted will not wait for funding assistance center in rabies prevention efforts. Because until now the rabies control fund allocations of Rp. 15 billion was promised since last February by the central government through the ministries of agriculture up to now has not been liquid. Yet

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according to the plan fund will be focused on its use for the operations of the mass vaccination of dogs.

According to Pastika, the provincial government of Bali will use the budget funding for rabies prevention. Given if awaiting funds promised by the central government bureaucracy is complex, while the allocation of time to stay one month of program implementation.

“Yes we use our own funds, because it is technically difficult not easy, not to mention for which there is not enough time” said the Governor.

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika hope the central government allocates funds for the Bali rabies prevention in the coming year. Moreover, the central government has targeted Bali free of rabies in 2013.

The government previously pledged funds amounting to 15 billion for Bali to control rabies. But the fund has so far not excuse the lack of liquid with the draft allocation letter from the director general treasury finance ministry

In 2011, all Health Center in Bali is VCT eqipped

Bali Provincial Government in 2011 targeting all health centers in Bali has a VCT clinic or clinic health examination services for people with HIV / AIDS.

This is an effort of health services for pregnant women and people of Bali who are infected with HIV / AIDS. In addition, in anticipation of HIV / AIDS transmission by detecting people infected with HIV / AIDS early.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Bali. Nyoman Sutedja on his testimony in Denpasar (20/11), revealed today a new 26 health centers have been equipped clinic from about 114 the number of VCT centers in Bali.

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