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Prevent Your Feet from Swelling on Long Flights

Swelling Leg and Foot during air travel is common http://canadianpharmacy2treated.com/ malady, and it’s typically harmless. It’s not a drama since the problem usually goes away on its own once you’re touch down. But, it’s worth knowing what causes leg & feet swelling so you can prepare your next flight better and prevent this problem.

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Backpacker Vacation in Bali

You should not spend a lot of money to have a vacation in Bali. Bali is a luxurious place but there are still many cheap facilities for holiday. You can try a kind of backpacker style to have a vacation in Bali. Backpackers usually choose the most economical facilities, such as the transportation, hotels, and foods during the vacation. Economical vacation is highly chosen by Bali’s visitors who have limited budget. Here are some suggestions to have an economical vacation there.

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North side of Bali is Enchanting

This is a travel story from my

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friend name Adi. He visits Singaraja, Bali. Singaraja located on north of Bali. It is usually hot and there are dolphins on the north sea. Well, Adi will continue the story.

air sanih beach

Photo of Air Sanih Beach Water taken from a food stall on the beach

When we visiting Bali, certainly not far away from the name of Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, and Tanah Lot. I and my two colleagues came upon another beauty on the island of Bali. When we conduct a working visit to the region of Singaraja, Bali, exactly in the district Kubu Tambahan, we intend to rest while filling the stomach. It was so much enthusiasm to work, so I didn’t feel stomach started to rumbling. At the edge of the highway there are sign to Warung Ikan Bakar (grilled fish shop).

We turned our car into the shop. That is not all, there are more that delight us. It turns out that food stall is located right on the seafront. There seems there is a tourist attraction called Air Sanih Beach. The beach clean,

sea water appears bluish, and

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the bustling seaside palm trees that shade.

On the way to sub Kubu Tambahan, we passed a mountain attraction as well as the lake which is so beautiful. Yes its name is Mount and Lake Batur. The lake is located just below the foot of Mount Batur. From a distance looks blend green mountain and blue lake that is so captivating.

mount batur

Mount Batur green trees and blue water lake Batur are so captivating