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The Delicious Ayam Betutu in Bali

Traditional food is the most wanted thing during a vacation. Bali, one of the most popular islands in the world because of its beauty, has the most famous traditional food that is ayam betutu. Ayam betutu has been famous since a long time ago because it has a great taste and has many exotic flavors on it. It is quite difficult to cook ayam betutu because it will take a long time during the cooking process. This is a little bit recipes in cooking ayam betutu.

Delicious Ayam Betutu

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Connect with travelers all around the world

Post title is actually a description of website that I’m going to talk about. Some of you might be already know about this website. It’s

What is

It is Couch Surfing. There are Travelers, and there are Hosts. Hosts are people who open their home or place for Travelers. And Travelers are people who travel :D. This website is a place to gather Travelers and Hosts.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, because my friend have tried it. He hosts for some girls from Belgium. He said it was a good experience :). Got a Belgian chocolate as the gifts. :). It was good gifts, because Belgian chocolate was happening in Bali.


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if you are looking for accommodation for city you are about to visit. Consider using You’ll have a place to stay, and if hosts is have a lot of free time (as just my friend), host will take you for a trip :).


Save money by buying airline tickets via the internet

Want to buy cheap tickets? Purchase promo phone spy mobile tickets in advance. But that is an old day suggestion, now there must be added a new suggestion. That is purchased via the Internet. Last year my friends was made a little annoyed because of buying airline overseas tickets via travel agents, at the night he tries to check on the mobile spy phone internet was cheaper. Garuda Indonesia cell phone spy software video is now also imposing the same, cheap tickets sold online via the internet, and this has naturally many times.

From the cost structure, an online ticket was supposed to be cheaper because the airlines no longer pay sales commissions to agents, no longer need a lot of officers to serve a purchase, reducing the ticket printing costs, and reducing other costs. But it turns out tickets online can be even cheaper and is influenced by the strategy of each airline.

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