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History of condom

We must know and be familiar with the word “Condom”, a completely safe tool. Because it is so safe, mobile phones also use a condom but with different duties. From the historical record of condoms has been used since several hundred years ago. Around the year 1000 BC the ancient Egyptians used linen as a safety sheath to prevent the disease.

In the year 100 to year 200 AD the early evidence of condom use in Europe comes from painting a cave scene in Combrelles, France.

In 1500s, for the first time published description and trials tool in the form of condoms to prevent disease in Italy. When it claims to find Gabrielle Fallopius sheath made of linen and were tested in 1100 as a male condom. From the experiment was not one of those who became infected with syphilis. The discovery proves that the linen cloth is useful to prevent infection. However, later known that condoms as a means of preventing pregnancy. It starts from the experiments on linen cloth soaked with liquid chemical 1500s. When linen soaked in chemicals and then dried and

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subject to man the fabric that can turn off the sperm.

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Why do flights have to be delayed ?

Have you ever had a flight delay? And all of your plans got mess up? And of course, this makes you resentful and angry? If the delay only affects one or two flights maybe you’ll stay comfortable at the airport. But if a delay happens in almost every flight, then you will not feel comfortable anymore in the airport. My friends experienced it on October 8, 2010 for flights from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. Because almost all the Lion Air flight delayed his departure that day, passengers were piled up at the terminal 1A, both as x-ray examination, upon check-in, waiting rooms and waiting rooms departure terminal. Passengers must be willing to sit on the floor because there are no more chairs. Even the waiting room that

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is set only about 30 minutes to one flight forced to accommodate 3 flights in the same time.

Often we find that flight delays were so severe that the passenger must stay at the airport. The snow storm that hit Europe in December 2009 even had to delay the flight a few days and passengers must also be willing to sleep in the airport. Also a great flight delays at airports Bangkok overwrite once occupied by protesters.

Delayed flight

Delayed flight

This delay should be positively addressed first. Indeed it is common for flight delays occurred in the airline industry. None of the airlines are free from the risk of delay. We must understand why the flight had to be postponed. If the delays related to security issue then we should accept with a roomy chest. However, if the delay was caused by operational reasons then you are entitled to feel angry. Here are some causes of your flight should be delayed:

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Stop Violence In the Name of Religion

Violence in the name of religion still continues to occur in Indonesia. On December 18, 2009, occurred the destruction of the Catholic Church in St. Albert Housing Harapan Indah, Bekasi, West Java Province. The building was destroyed by a group of mob pelted stones at the church building.

Tragic incident above is one of a series of violence in the name of religion that occurred in this country within ten years. And, most alarming, a series of violent behavior in the name of religion is actually increasing the number and intensity in the last three years.

Acts of violence

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in the name of this religion is actually an unlawful act, because the freedom to practice for every citizen in this country have been guaranteed by the constitution as one of the rights of citizens. It is guaranteed both in national law or international law, namely: the 1945 Constitution, the Universal Declaration Human Rights (UDHR), Law no. 12 of 2005 concerning Ratification of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Law no. 39 Year 1999 on Human Rights.

However, it is very unfortunate, officials and government authorities in this country as not capable of reducing violence in the name of religion. This all happened because of their lack of political will to protect, respect, and fulfill the rights of its citizens to freely run religion as guaranteed in the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia.

Therefore, Anand Krishna on a private initiative, has created an electronic petition to stop the violence in the name of religion in Indonesia ( .) This petition requires the support of the global community and people of Indonesia to press the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to seriously make efforts to stop violence in the name of religion in this country. This petition will be submitted to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, the United Nations, and the embassies of foreign countries in Indonesia.

Anand Krishna
Anand Krishna is a spiritual activist and prolific writer who was born in Solo, on September 1st 1956