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Photography Exhibition “Blanco Licor de la diosa Mayahuel”

Photography Exhibition “Blanco Licor de la diosa Mayahuel” (The White Liquor of Goddess

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Mayayuel ) from Mexico present in Bali.

‘White Liquor’ talked about ‘pulque’ (read: Pul to), a beverage obtained from the heart of a type of cactus plant in Mexico. Pulque or so-called octli is thick beverage with low alcohol content, color of milk. This drink made from fermented sap of maguey plants. The production is similar to the beverage from Indonesia, the legend, which originated from Lontar Siwalan or fruit. Maguey, Agave americana cactus species, also known as the Century plant (Century Plant) can be found almost in every corner of Mexico with its geography is varied and sometimes uneven ground contours. This plant is widely used in medicine and industry.

Pulque is a native drink of Mexico, long time ago is a sacred beverage Meso American society and its use is limited to a particular social class. After the Spanish conquest of Mexico, it became secular and the level of consumption increases. The popularity of these beverages reaches its peak in the 19th century. In the 20th century, his popularity declined, mainly because of competition from beer, which became more popular since the arrival of European immigrants.

Currently, several attempts were made to restore the popularity of this drink through tourism. Hopefully these efforts succeed, because the plaque was once a sacred drink and (if consumed in sufficient quantities) is rich in nutrients and benefits. These drinks contain carbohydrates, vitamins C, B complex, D, E, minerals, amino acids such as iron and phosphorus. Unexpectedly, the level of consumption of these drinks increased among athletes and bodybuilders.

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The Story Behind the appearance of Iron Maiden in Bali

British music group, formed earlier in 1975, along with Judas Priest known as a source of heavy metal world. Now, after 35 years, they can enjoy their concert in Bali. What makes Tommy Pratt from the original production insist bring Iron Maiden to Bali?

For him, bringing world-class musical groups is part of his hobby. Inevitably, a number of large groups were so coveted. From classic rock icons Deep Purple, Toto, Scorpions, Extreme, Bon Jovi or American metal, Megadeth has successfully brings to Indonesia.

For him, it is a pride can present them. In fact, to established contact with the tour manager of the board of the world music group that was not easy. In addition to diligently contact them by never give up, have a good reputation in organizing events, also takes patience and luck factor.

As an illustration, to bring Iron Maiden to Bali and Jakarta this time, Tommy who was very experienced brings top musicians of this world had to wait five years to perform in Indonesia. This is because they have to adjust the tour schedule which is designed professionally.

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Calligraphy and Mashikoyaki art attract attention

Ubud, 170 Japanese artists took part at art exhibition, ‘Nippon Art Fest’ in Bali. In the exhibition, held Art Communication Japan, the Japanese art of calligraphy order viagra and ceramics art Mashikoyaki gain the attention of visitors because of its uniqueness.
This exhibition was held in order to commemorate 50 years of friendship Indonesia – Japan.
The exhibition, held in Tony Raka gallery, the Village Mas, Ubud Gianyar, the

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display 300 works of Japanese art artists.

In this art exhibition, visitors can see exhibitions of how safe is viagra various artworks and art Japanese artists began painting watercolors traditional Japanese painting style, which Japan ceramic art called Mashikoyaki, to a typical Japanese art of calligraphy.
Among the 170 Japanese artists who participate in this exhibition, some of them are artists who have had a world reputation as the world’s watercolor painter Ritsuko Kurokawa and works of calligraphy Seikoh Taira.
Art and calligraphy art ceramics typical Japanese called Mashikoyaki, a work of art that attract the most visitors because its uniqueness.
Works of

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the traditional art cialis how long does it last is good and excellent, especially the ceramic with traditional touch, its very good. But the modern art is still less, maybe because the artist is young in average, so still need time and the paintings could be better.

By the organizers, art exhibitions Nippon Art Fest is claimed as the largest exhibition of Japanese art ever held in Indonesia.