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Property Investment : Condotel Investment in Bali

Hello dear reader, now we will discuss about condotel investment in Bali, the best solution for your investment in Bali!

Why Condotel?

Because the concept of a condotel is a residential Condominium Hotel that is exclusive and professional. It is a combination of two words which consist of condominium (apartment) and hotel. So that means condotel is an

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apartment building run by hotel management. Planning and site selection becomes an important criteria for service accessibility and mobility of high professional, modern lifestyle and the image of the personality of the inhabitants. Condotel first popular in America as a luxury building that is owned by individuals just like apartments. In America, the condotel is no longer the target of the person to have as a private dwelling, but increasingly developed into a long term investment. People want to own a condotel in order to

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be managed as a hotel management business.

Why Bali?

Are you a frequent visitor to the island of Bali? Have you ever had any idea investing a Condotel in Bali? Condotel just developed in Indonesia recently. Bali as a tourist area has a property investment opportunities in aspects such as the condotel. Bali is famous as a tourist destination with a unique art-culture. Proved by a visit to Bali tourism has remained stable and even tended to increase. In recent years, businesses and property in Bali attracts a significant increase. At present the area of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, the target of property investors, especially for business or strata hotel condotel. Because according to the survey increased land values in Bali 15% per year. Another important thing you consider before buying a condotel in bali is the location of the condotel.

Condotel Available in Bali

Currently many potential locations for condotel investment available in Bali. Some of these potential areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Jimbaran, and Nusa Dua. The example of one of the condotel with huge potential as an investment solution is the Mercure Bali Legian. If you are interested to know more about condotel and the Mercure Bali Legian you can visit the blog about Condotel in Bali. Have a

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good day!


Cheap lodging options in Kuta & Legian Bali

Holiday in Bali is not always expensive. That’s the title of the article on this blog several months ago. Cheap vacation depends on the cost of its components. And one important component of the vacation is the cost of accommodation.

As a major vacation centers in Indonesia, Bali offers a wide

range of accommodation both in the price and type. Even super deluxe luxury hotel is commonplace here, such St.Regis, Bvlgari, Ritz Carlton or the Hard Rock. Private Villa, which is now more popular, scattered in various regions. To stay at the hotel / luxury villas, of course, you will need more money, from hundreds to thousands of U.S. dollars per night.

This place is usually used by the haves or celebrities (celebrity) as Julia Roberts during the filming of ‘Eat, Pray and Love’ in Bali. But if your budget is not enough, Bali is also providing cheap lodgings. There is a hostel, homestay, hostels, cottages, mess with very affordable rates, even less than one hundred thousand pieces of money per night, and this is suitable for the backpackers.

Price never lie, this is what must be understood if staying in this cheap lodging. The facilities provided at the inn were eventually comparable with cheap price. So do not expect there is a swimming pool is nice, soft mattress, the floor carpeted, internet, satellite TV or room service 24 hours. Now, before staying at this cheap hotel should note the following:

  • Bring your own personal needs such as toiletries. The hotel of this class usually does not provide towels, soap, shampoo, etc. Even If provided, not necessarily the conditions to suit your needs.
  • Avoid hotel / inn transit and prefer hotels to family segment, such as guest-house. Staying at the inn transit (hourly) may disrupt your convenience.
  • Find the lodging that is close to places to eat or shop 24 hours (i.e. such as Circle K). This is because the lodging of this class does not provide room service so you can get close enough to eat or just spending a sudden need.

And here are some cheap lodging options in Bali (the list will be updated regularly):

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Cheap lodging options in Ubud Bali

Outside Kuta, Ubud became the area that is also quite popular for travelers. Both have unique and distinct charm. With Kuta on the beach area that offer sea views, Ubud offers cultural and natural. Tourist characters are different in these two regions. Kuta more as a general purpose, while the Ubud tourist destination with a special interest. Serenity, natural beauty, and life are art that thick of driving tourists to enjoy the different atmosphere of Bali. In terms of popularity, it is more popular Kuta tourist proven many travelers stay in this area, and seen with many lodging here. Poppies lane area is known as a backpacker tourist bag, so lodging is cheap, very easy to find here.

Ubud Hotel and Villa in the average form of luxury hotels and villas, as shown in the image of The Viceroy Ubud above. Paired with nature makes the hotel / villa in this area more like a work of art, no longer just a place to stay. Some works of art as seen on page Hotel & Villas. Although not as much in Kuta, Ubud was also offers cheap accommodation like in Kuta. Here are some of them:

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