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Booking hotels online

Where would you go if you want to book hotels? When I said where, what I mean is what website? Well, people has it’s own favorites website, you also have your own favorites website. The reason is mostly cheap price, easy of use, friendly user interface, and several other reason.

Here in Bali people rarely go online to book hotels or accommodation. There are many travel services in Bali. So people just go to travel agency office, and ask them to book for their hotels and accommodation. Maybe it’s sounds too much effort. But people in here is preferred that way, the old school way. They use the way that works for them. Or if they already know the travel agency, they usually just call the travel agency to make hotels booking or some accommodation.

For common destination, it’s usually wasn’t hard enough to make booking. Well, for some destination that is very far far away or maybe unusual destination, it’s maybe a little bit difficult for travel agency. For example, say you want to go to Barcelona, and you need to find cheap and good Barcelona hotels. It’s not very common in Bali people go to Barcelona. So, the price might be a little bit expensive than the others. Also because it is far from here.

The solution is online bookings. There are a lot of online bookings available. Google it and several online travel agency is available. With online booking, you possibly can get cheaper place than other places.

For you who are very often to use online bookings, it’s might be not a problem. But the old school people might be a little bit in doubt to use this kind of technology. I encouraged people and people next to you right now (who are on used to use online booking) to book online.


Take Me to Tahiti: 4 Amazing Experiences

What could be more exotic than a trip to Tahiti? With gorgeous weather year round and

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a great selection of Tahiti vacation packages available, there’s no reason not to indulge in the vacation of your dreams. Besides beautiful beaches and luxurious spas, there’s plenty to do that’s uniquely Tahitian. From feeding the sharks to Tahitian weddings, there’s something truly special about experiencing these delights in Tahiti.

  1. Discovering pearls. The warm waters of Tahiti’s lagoons are the perfect environment for the luminescent pearl. Tahiti’s cultured pearls come in a veritable
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    rainbow of colors from the famous black pearl to the most delicate shades of pink. Several islands offer tours of local pearl farms or you can simply browse one of Tahiti’s many pearl shops to find your favorite.

  2. Feeding sharks. A truly unforgettable experience, a range of guided tours is available to those adventurous souls who want to feed or even swim with sharks and rays. Arrangements can be made so that even weak or non-swimmers can participate in feeding the sharks. Half-day and day trips are ideal for strong swimmers who want to share the water with lemon sharks, reef sharks, rays and colorful tropical fish.
  3. Picnicking on a motu. Imagine dining on gourmet food on your very own island. That’s what having a motu picnic is like. A motu is a tiny islet in a lagoon, and many resorts will prepare a picnic for you to enjoy on a private motu.
  4. Getting married. If you want a destination wedding like no other, look no further. A Tahitian ceremony includes native music and dancers, as well as traditional dress including a sarong known as the pareu. A Tahitian priest performs the ceremony, which is legally binding for citizens of the US and Canada.

No matter which activities you choose, your vacation in Tahiti is sure to be the experience of a lifetime.

How to Save Money Vacationing at Beaver Creek

How to Save Money Vacationing at Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek in Vail, Colorado is one of the most popular places to ski. If you’ve been looking for the perfect ski vacation spot, this may be the place for you. Before you plan your trip though, consider the following ways to save money.

Book Ahead

Hotels and resorts book up quickly, and the ones remaining often become more expensive as the dates of availability approach. To save money, it’s wise to book your accommodations as soon as possible.

Seek Hotel and Airfare Packages

Many sites such as offer hotel and airfare packages at a discount. All you have to do is book your flight and reserve your room at the same time to receive a discounted price.

Search for Coupons

The Internet has many coupons available for airlines, hotels, resorts, lifts, and more. These coupons can be used throughout your vacation saving you a significant amount of money.

Create a Dining Plan

Beaver Creek has many restaurants for its visitors. Some of them are pricier than others are, so check on that before you head out for lunch or dinner. Most of the places to eat have online menus, which list the meals and prices. When you create a dining plan, you can make choices that remain in your budget.

Eat Before Skiing

Skiing is a lot of fun, and it can make you hungry. If you eat well beforehand though, you’ll be less likely to want to stop at the lodge for an expensive snack. When you eat before you hit the slopes, you’ll have more time to ski too.

You can have a good, budget-friendly time at Beaver Creek, as long as you plan what you’ll do, find coupons, and purchase airfare and hotel packages. Much of this can be done before you even make reservations, which gives you a good idea of how much this vacation will cost you, so you can start your vacation with your mind at ease.